More than forty years after the release of the hit film Grease , film studio Paramount is working on a prequel to the musical. The new movie Summer Lovin ' tells about the evening that Sandy and Danny meet.

Deadline writes that film studio Brett Haley ( The Hero and Heart Beat Loud ) has asked to direct the new film.

Based on the musical of the same name, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John played the lead roles in the 1978 film. In Summer Nights they sing about their first meeting and their summer love, that song would be the inspiration for the prequel that the film studio now wants to make.

Grease followed a year after Saturday Night Fever , confirming Travolta's position as a movie star. The film is still seen as a classic and followed up in 1982 with Michelle Pfeiffer in the lead role. However, the sequel never became such a hit as Grease .

Deadline writes that the movie studio may be considering a whole bunch of Grease movies if this prequel goes to work. It is not yet known who should play the leading roles.


Grease - Summer Nights