'How long should I do this?'

'If you can rest freely for one year... '

This is a common idea for office workers. The more people in prison who have to do what they do to make the prisoners miss the outside world, the more they miss free time. Of course, due to the inevitable reality, it literally becomes a useless idea. The main reason is also money.

So, would you be
happy if you had enough money not to work, and free time throughout the day?

# Are you happy that you have a lot of time off?

Jung-hyun retired from a public company last year after retirement. My wife, a teacher, has quite a few years left. The couple has no economic difficulties. After his wife goes to work, it becomes Junghyun's world. It's free time all over. However, as time went by, he became helpless rather than happy. I didn't want to go on a day or two with my friend and have a daytime drink or travel. The joy of freedom was just three months. After that, as soon as I open my eyes in the morningI started to suffer from the thought,'What should I do today?'

His routine is very simple. Even though she doesn't want to, she doesn't want her to go to school. I felt like I had someone to do something to do. Then in the morning, I simply do housework and watch TV. In the afternoon, we walk through the park in front of our house and stop at the library. When she gets home, she picks up her wife and comes back. After dinner, I watch TV and sleep. On the day the wife eats dinner outside, she prepares herself and waits for her to come. On such a day, it feels like an elementary school child waiting for his mother. The number of people you meet is getting smaller. Few people call and few people want to call.

#'Monday bottle', not'weekend disease'!

Is it really only for some retirees? Many office workers become happy from Friday afternoon. And on Sunday afternoon, the moon cake begins. The heart becomes heavy. But don't be surprised.There is also a'weekend disease'. In other words, you get depressed at the start of a weekend or holiday. Because there is a lot of time, there is no special appointment, and I do not know how to spend this much time. Keep sleeping or playing games or videos, but that's just a second! It becomes crying again. In fact, people who go to psychiatry often get worse during their vacation or vacation.

It may be thought that this may be a problem, but after conducting an actual investigation, there were surprisingly many people complaining about weekend illness. Professor Wolfgang Manning of the University of Hamburg in Germany surveyed 34,000 German workers for 16 years. As a result of the survey, high-educated people had lower life satisfaction on weekends than on weekdays. In addition, it was found that the highest level of satisfaction was found on Monday and the level of satisfaction declined on the weekend. In other words, the more people who wear their heads and feel self-efficacy through work, the more they have hard work, rather than being free if they have nothing to do.

# Adults also need to play

The tragedy of many modern people is not the lack of leisure time, but the lack of enjoyment. You can't play in one word. We're used to doing something because of rewards for a long time, so we put productivity and efficiency in everything we do. Even while enjoying new hobbies, I often ask myself,'Can I spend this time now?' 'Isn't it doing something useless?' Other people also use these standards. "What are you going to do by learning that?" "Is that money?" "Why do you buy and suffer?"

Children are happy because they play well. The same is true for adults. Play may or may not be necessary. It is because of the'lack of play' that the mental health of our society has become extremely bad. In the United States, there is a national amusement research institute. Stewart Brown, director of the lab, was originally a psychiatrist. How did he become the director of the amusement lab? He was responsible for the emotional sensation of serial killers and found something common in their childhood. They all lack the age-appropriate play experience. As a result of this study, about 6,000'play history', people who did not play well in their childhood had no joy, stiffness, strong addiction, and dementia or depression even as adults. That's why he created the amusement lab.

Like children, adults need play. It is not because of responsibility or duty, but it is necessary to play that is not tied to rewards or results, and that the activity itself is enjoyable. Unlike children, however, adult play has relatively focus, learning, and system. There are clearer focuses such as playing musical instruments, surfing, studying psychology, balleting, gardening, and adding depth through learning and practice.

# Difficulty, but lasting happiness, Otium ótĭum

This adult play is also called'Otium ótĭum'. Latin Otium refers to'active leisure activities that delight my soul'. This is quite different from an addiction to get pleasure without much effort. Otium is not a leisure activity where time remains, but a leisure activity that deliberately takes time and makes efforts. Riding a bicycle in the cold winter, buying coffee beans, roasting them, holding blisters in the hands, planting the garden, after work, leads a tired body and learns crafts and musical instruments.

In other words, human beings who are suffering from buying and feeling joy in the process are humans. This is because the pleasures easily obtained volatilize quickly, but the pleasures obtained through difficulties last for a long time. Therefore, Otium can be said to be'Nanjihaeng', that is,'difficulty but lasting happiness'. The self-made joy of self-made becomes Botox, which spreads the wrinkles of life. In your case, what are some of the activities that you are struggling to buy and get pleasure in the process?

* Editor's Note : Moon Yoo-hyun's'Let's live well' series tells you the real way to relax in the post-corona era.

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