The (Abu Ahmed - Jordanian) family, consisting of four people, is unable to pay 238 thousand and 764 dirhams of rental arrears for the residence in which they live, for a period of more than two and a half years, which threatens them with displacement if their only family is imprisoned, and appeals to the people of good and merciful hearts to extend a helping hand And help to pay the arrears.

Since the beginning of 2018, the father has been suffering from the accumulation of rental arrears, due to the termination of his services in the company where he worked.

(Abu Ahmed) is currently working in a sweet shop with a salary of 5,000 dirhams per month, barely meeting the needs and requirements of the family.

(Abu Ahmad) tells the story of his suffering and circumstances that he passed through to «Emirates Today», saying: “I worked seven years in a private company, and my condition was stable, and after my children grew up and my life expenses increased, I looked for a new job opportunity through which I can meet the needs of my family members And in 2007 I got a new job opportunity in a private company. ”

He continued: «I did not expect one day that my financial situation would get worse, at the beginning of 2018 the company faltered and my services were terminated, and I became without work or an income source, and I was not successful in obtaining a suitable job, and knocked on the doors of several private and governmental sectors, and in December of the year 2019 A friend told me that there is a simple job in a confectionery store with a salary of 5000 dirhams, so I accepted it so that I can manage the expenses of the lives of my family members.

(Abu Ahmad) added: “I could not manage even a small portion of the amount of rental arrears, and I was threatened with imprisonment at any time, and my family became threatened with expulsion and homelessness, as the house owner filed a lawsuit demanding that I pay the rent arrears, and demanded that I pay the full amount, otherwise I will be imprisoned, The problem is that my financial circumstances preclude the insurance of the amount. ”

He explained that he tried to resort to several destinations to help him solve his problem without success, and currently he does not know how to get out of this impasse, calling on the people of goodness to help him and help him to pay the rent arrears to the owner of the apartment, so that his family does not become homeless.