China News Service, July 20th, a few days ago, an undergraduate undergraduate of a well-known university was detained for being guilty of stealing takeaways in Nanjing many times, which caused social concern. The Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuhuatai Branch issued a notice on the official Weibo on the 20th, saying that the college student retaliated against others by stealing the takeaway department. At present, the public security organ has issued a bail pending trial.

  The police reported that on the evening of July 11, 2020, the Nanjing Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau received a 110 call from the masses, saying that someone had stolen the takeaway meals placed in the gate of the community, and that it had been stolen many times recently. After receiving the police, the police immediately rushed to the scene, summoned the suspect Li Moumou to the public security organ for investigation, and detained him on July 12.

  After investigation, Li Moumou (male, 24 years old, pseudonym "Zhou Mou" in previous news reports) graduated from a university in Hengyang City, Hunan Province in 2018. He worked in Nanjing that year and currently works in a Nanjing company with fixed income. It is rented in a community in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. Li Moumou's parents and elder sister worked in their old homes, and their second and third sisters worked in Beijing and Hainan respectively.

  According to the investigation and confession by Li Moumou, on May 31 this year, the food he bought was taken away at the gate of the community, resulting in the vengeance and advantage of taking advantage of it. He stolen food from others at the above location many times.

  Comprehensive case investigation work, and based on the application of Li Moumou's family, the public security organ has changed Li Moumou into a criminal mandatory measure of bail pending trial.

Source: Weibo, Yuhuatai Branch, Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province.