• 'Camela por Canela' "Gitanito, may it be the last time ..."

Cinema / 'Sleeping with his enemy'

My father's name was Idamor, I know it's a very strange name, and he had seven children. It was clear that somewhere that love predisposition had to come out: I love romantic movies and I'm not going to change with that anymore. I also like dramas and intrigue movies and there are even movies that are remembered for their music, as happened with Terminator . Among the thousand films that have marked me, I remember today Sleeping with his enemy (Joseph Ruben, 1991), a film that I got to buy three times in case the DVD was scratched. Julia Roberts faced a husband who was violent with her, escaped and built a new lifein which he managed to be happy and free. It was a story of denunciation when the issue of violence in the family was not so common and that ended well, and for me, that also mattered.

The music / Alejandro Sanz

How to choose a song or a singer if so many musicians have been important in my life? There is something that many people do not know: I have heard a lot of pop in English: Brian Adams, Shania Twain, Dire Straits, Phil Collins ... They were all very important in my life when I was a teenager, although there were Los Pecos before. Before and closer, because it turns out that Javi lived on the block in front of my house, was a friend of her cousin, and I was once hanging around procuring autographs. Over the years, we agreed on Your face sounds familiar to me and I reminded him of it. From there I went to Tam Tam Go !, Niña Pastori, the techno music that I really liked ... I need to name Alejandro Sanz, whom I really admire. The flamenco? I really like it but it gives me respect.

Series / 'Alias'

Alias seemed like another series of crimes and investigations, as there are so many, but in reality, it hid a very complex plot of espionage and counter-espionage that created a completely addictive anguish. JJ Abrams, the creator of the series was unknown to me at the time, although over the years he became an acclaimed author for Lost and directing two films in the Star Wars series . Jennifer Garner, the protagonist of the series, also ended up having a good career. It is true that many years have passed since the time of Alias, but it is that I find it difficult to get hooked on the series. Life, during the tours, does not give time for almost nothing more than to touch, rest and travel. Well: there is another series that I love: Los Serrano, where I did a little role. They told me I wasn't bad.

Books / 'Camela por Camela'

There is something that excites me a lot about the biography of Camela that we have published this year ( Camela by Camela , edited by La Esfera de los Libros): reading it, Dioni and I discover how we have experienced different but complementary things in all the situations that we have shared. It was nice to think about our history again, to see everything with perspective. When Camela por Camela was finished, the reading was short and that's a good measure of the value of the book. Many years before, there was a novel that left me marked with its stories of terror and adolescent loneliness: Flores en

the attic by VC Andrews. I don't know if people keep reading Flowers in the Attic , but in our generation it was a tremendous impact and a little overwhelming. You can imagine me in San Cristóbal, hooked and scared.

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