Prefectural Gifu Commercial Baseball Club Declining participation in the prefecture's own tournament New Corona July 19 21:26

The baseball club of the prefectural high school baseball school and the prefectural Gifu commerce has a succession of new school coronavirus infections among school girls. I will decline to participate. We will discuss with the Japan High School Baseball Federation and other parties about whether or not they will participate in the exchange game at the Koshien Stadium where the 32 schools that have decided to participate in this year's Senbatsu High School Baseball will participate.

At the prefectural Gifu Commerce, it was confirmed that two male teachers in charge of physical education and three female students were infected with the new coronavirus by the 18th, but a new male teacher in charge of physical education was newly released on the 19th. Two people were confirmed infected.

The Gifu Prefectural Board of Education has announced that it will temporarily close the prefectural Gifu Commerce until the 29th of this month.

Along with this, the baseball club has declined to participate in Gifu Prefecture's own tournament, which replaces the summer national high school baseball regional tournament that was about to open on the 24th of this month.

The prefectural Gifu commercial baseball club is a traditional school boasting four wins in Koshien in the spring and summer, and 32 schools that were supposed to participate in this year's Senbatsu high school baseball will play one game at the Koshien stadium next month We plan to participate in exchange games.

Gifu Commercial Prefectural Government will discuss with the Japan High School Baseball Federation, etc. about the participation in this exchange game.

Japan Takano Ren "Discussion at the Executive Committee of Exchange Match"

Prefectural Gifu Commerce has decided to participate in an exchange game to be held at Koshien Stadium next month, and is scheduled to play a match with Oita Meitoho High School in the third game on the 11th of next month.

Regarding the participation in the prefectural Gifu commercial exchange match, Yoshimasa Ogura, Executive Director of the Japan High School Baseball Federation, said, "We will discuss with the school and the Gifu Prefecture Takanoren at the exchange match executive committee. The committee is set for 29th of this month, but I don't know if it will be decided there."

If the prefectural Gifu Commerce misses the exchange game, Koshinoshino Senbatsu High School Baseball Tokai district will attend.