China News Service, July 18, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued a notice to organize special rectification actions for illegal use of sea cucumber breeding drugs. All localities are required to use pesticides such as dichlorvos and other banned drugs, malachite green and other banned drugs, ofloxacin and other discontinued drugs, fake and inferior veterinary drugs, and unlicensed drugs in special rectification operations from July 17 to August 31. Conduct veterinary medicines, sell raw material medicines to farmers and sell fake and inferior veterinary medicines, etc., and conduct net-based and full coverage investigations.

  The notice requires in-depth implementation of monitoring and supervision of drug residues, conducting testing of drug residues in the breeding environment, severely cracking down on illegal and illegal drug use and sale of drugs found in the inspection, and finding one, investigating and handling one, and never condoning, strictly rectifying sea cucumber breeding drugs And veterinary medicine market order.

  The notice emphasizes that all localities should speed up and improve the daily supervision mechanism of sea cucumber medicines, carefully find loopholes and shortcomings in daily supervision, and speed up the establishment of a long-term mechanism. It is necessary to guide farmers to promote aquatic healthy farming, consciously regulate the daily production and drug use of sea cucumber farming, and at the same time strengthen law enforcement inspections of farming enterprises and farmers. Actively carry out the popularization of popular science of aquaculture medicines to the countryside, widely spread legal knowledge to sea cucumber farmers, warn them to prohibit the use of pesticides, fake, inferior veterinary drugs and banned drugs, and educate veterinary drug operators not to sell raw materials to farmers, not to sell fake, Poor veterinary medicine.

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will dispatch and supervise the rectification situation in various places, and promptly announce the investigation and punishment of relevant violations to the public.