Is 'Love Powder' your first feature film as a producer? Yes. I am an associate producer, that is, I was never in the pre-production process, I joined the project late, once it was finished. I really liked the film; it is a very kind comedy. It seemed to me that, as an actress, I was making a whole new record and a genre, romantic comedy, that I had never flirted with before. It is a very low-budget film, in which the director has put all her savings, and I wanted to help give her visibility. My heart asked me. And I am a romantic, I can not help it. What has been more difficult for you, playing the leading role or acting as a producer? Exercise as a producer, without a doubt. When you are on the other side you discover how difficult it is to manage the ego of the actors and directors. OMG! Why did you step into production? Because for years, extraordinary scripts have come into my hands, written by film enthusiasts whose dream is to direct, and nobody gives them the opportunity. I am a Don Quixote, I want to help people and share their dreams, because dreams can come true. You say you want to make transgressive movies. In what sense? Scripts unusual, unconventional, or that cannot be included within a particular genre. I want to bet on scripts and directors who tell different, new things. Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang are, in this respect, my reference producers. They risk.Is 'Love powder' transgressive? The most transgressing part of this comedy is the trigger for the story: the exchange of couples. We have made a 'mumblecore' film (independent cinema, which places more emphasis on naturalistic dialogues and actors than on the plot) and this type of cinema has done little in Spain. Perhaps that is the transgressor of history. What is missing in Spanish cinema? Talent of course not. There is, and a lot. Decision-makers who choose which film to make need to take more risks. Producers typically make movies they know work and with directors who know they work, too. There is also no script market, there are still many interesting stories to discover and I want to make them come true. You have commented that with this film you have learned a lot. Than? (Laughter) I had two very heavy and meticulous directors who made me rehearse a lot, but they managed to get something new and different from me as an actress. What is the best of cinema and what is the best of a television series? At the production level, the series increasingly resemble movies, as they are shot with practically the same technical means. The best thing about cinema is that you know the character's arc, that is, you know how it begins and how it ends. In the series the chapters are not self-conclusive, therefore you do not know how your character will evolve. However, in the series the filming is more agile, there is more immediacy, and that gives you more skill as an actress. And with confinement, have you learned anything? Yes, to get to know my son better. With him I have traveled to my childhood and it has been a wonderful trip. How is your dream summer? Traveling by car with my husband and son aimlessly and getting lost in European towns and cities. And the one that you will have in 2020? I have not had time to organize myself. I will go to León to see my family, that never fails, and I will make a getaway to the French Riviera. What are your next projects? As an actress I am going to double an animated film, something that makes me especially excited because that way all the little ones in my family can go see me at the movies. And as a producer I am developing a television series and a comedy.

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