The United States saw a record rise in coronavirus infections for the third day in a row. 77,638 new infections were registered within 24 hours, according to a Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University census on Friday evening. It was only on Thursday that the USA reported a peak in the number of new infections detected daily with more than 68,400 corona cases.

Despite the new numbers, U.S. President Donald Trump is not considering a national mask requirement to fight the pandemic. When asked in a Fox News interview, Trump answered, "No, I want people to have some freedom." The American epidemic, Anthony Fauci, recently called on leaders of individual states and cities to urge their citizens to wear masks as much as possible.

Despite record new infections, the USA has not yet found a common line for mouth and nose protection. There is currently a mask requirement in approximately half of the states, and there are disputes within the states.

Nationwide, up to Friday 927 more people died from the consequences of a coronavirus infection. The total number of deaths is 139,128. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases of infection recorded in the country has now reached 3.64 million.

The United States is by far the world's hardest hit by the pandemic. This applies to both the infection and the death numbers. Experts believe that the United States never got out of the first wave of infections. For a few weeks now, the new virus has been spreading again. States in the south and west, which had pushed for an early end to the corona restrictions, are particularly affected.

Los Angeles reports a new high with 4,592 new infections

In California, the Los Angeles district reported a new high on Thursday with 4,592 new infections. "Without vigorous action by everyone, we will not be able to slow the spread," warned the district health agency director, Barbara Ferrer.

At the beginning of the week, a new record was also reached in Texas with 129 deaths within 24 hours. To date, more than 3,700 people in the state have lost their lives to coronavirus infections.