Damián, the son of Sylvie Meis and Rafael van der Vaart, moves from his mother's German house to his father in Denmark, the former couple tells Bild on Friday . The fourteen-year-old son of the presenter and the former footballer is included in the youth academy of the Danish football club Esbjerg.

"I thought about it and he also told me that this was really his dream," said Meis about the wish of the son she has with Van der Vaart. "It was emotional for me." When son Damián moves exactly, not known.

According to Meis, she and Van der Vaart "talked and had a lot of contact" about their son's move. According to the presenter, handball player Estavana Polman, Van der Vaart's current girlfriend, was also present in good harmony.

Van der Vaart and Polman live in Esbjerg, because Orange-international Polman plays handball at the highest level there.

Van der Vaart and Meis were married from 2005 to 2013. On Wednesday it was announced that in April the wedding of Meis to artist Niclas Castello was postponed in August due to the corona crisis in Florence.