A team of scientists was able to solve a mystery that always surrounded the largest and weighing “Andor Condor” among the birds of the world, and it is famous for its ability to stay in the air for 5 hours, during which it traverses more than 170 km without lying in its wings except rarely, in a property similar to " Driving control "in a car, which has an average weight of more than 15 kilograms, while its wingspan reaches 3 meters, so what is the secret of this bird?

The bird has been under study and observation since 2013 for 5 years, during which Professor Emily Shepard, a professor of biology at Swansea University in the British province of Wales, along with other colleagues from Comahue National University in the province of Rio Negro in Argentina, tracked 8 birds, through flight recorders revealing each Once the bird flies its wings, according to their research, which they published this week in the American scientific journal PNAS, about the bird that derived its name from the mountains in which it lives, and extends along the southern and western coast of South America, which is the "Andes Mountains" that extend from Argentina bypass to Venezuela.

According to "Arab Net", the scientific team discovered that moving the "condor" to its wings represents only 1% of the flight time that takes 5 hours, during which it travels on average 170 km, and they discovered in a documented confirmation, that the bird known as Andean condor English, uses air currents to stay In the air for hours, he can enjoy the ability to fly at high altitudes and conserve his energy while searching for his food, without the need to flap his wing, because he harnesses the wind currents to take him where he wants.

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