Linda de Mol for body positivity in bikini on the cover, after Gooische Vrouwen film also criticized series and Giel Beelen has a new job. An overview of last week's entertainment world.

"Nice body positive. From now on we will stop whining", headline LINDA magazine . this week on the cover. Linda de Mol, wearing only a black bikini, looked confidently into the camera and showed us that you can have very tight abs at the age of 56.

That quitting whined hit the presenter herself, who wrote in her editorial that she was quite unsure about her appearance. "My children already know that they really should not photograph me in my bikini because I think I am so fat and ugly that I immediately delete the photos." Linda wanted to overcome her own insecurities and hopes to inspire others.

Although the presenter has finished whining herself, the nagging soon started: what does someone who looks so good in bikini have to do with body positivity ? And does Linda really look that good, wasn't it a photoshop?

Linda answered that last question herself: no, no photoshop was involved. "Then, of course, this would also completely miss its purpose. The idea alone: ​​pay attention to body positivity and then arrive with an edited photo." It cannot be, those rather thin arms with that wide abdomen, "someone wrote. so that's my body. If I had photoshopped, I would have given myself a waist. "

Although it is annoying that people doubt the authenticity of the photo, it must have been a compliment to the presenter: she looks so good that people don't believe it is her. And regarding that discussion whether this is body positivity : that someone who is very insecure about his or her body dares to expose himself in this way is still very positive? Regardless of whether that person is a size 34 or a size 52, it's about the feeling of the model itself. And looking at yourself positively is good with any buddy.


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Always the nanny or the cleaning lady

We will stay with Linda de Mol, who did make the switch to SBS, but is currently fully visible in the rerun summer of RTL. At the commercial channel, they did not feel it necessary to continue with a daily talk show all summer and so we do not watch Beau or Jinek late at night, but the umpteenth repetition of Gooische Vrouwen .

Attentive viewers see a small change there: the channel warns that there are stereotypes in the series. Director Will Koopman recently announced that the film will get a makeover because it contains parts that are no longer of this time, but the series will remain in its former glory.

Cystine Carreon was seen in the series for a long time as Nanny Tippi Wan, or as character Martin Morero called her, "A walking bami bite." While such jokes were considered okay a few years ago, it has come to realize that it's not necessarily funny to make racist comments - hence the warning.

Cystine wouldn't take the role now, either. "I think most of the viewers at that time were also white people who didn't see the harm in that. If I had to do such a role again, I would be very different and probably wouldn't . "

Thank you and goodbye

For months there were rumors about Giel Beelen: would he be kicked out at Radio Veronica? The listening figures of the once popular DJ were disappointing and that while he would have had tons of money from John de Mol before his switch.

Radio connoisseurs were convinced that this could mean the end of his career, because the ships were burned behind him and now that he was no longer popular, nothing would come his way.

But then there was good news for Giel: this week the radio DJ announced to switch to NPO Radio 2 where he can still work for his old employer BNNVARA. Every working day from 4.00 to 6.00, but that shouldn't spoil the fun for Giel: he does like to get up early.

Whether it actually rattled at the back at Talpa is not entirely clear, but Giel had not been happy with the company for a while. At Radio 2 he can just invite bands again, as he liked to do before he went to the commercials. Now let's see which band has no problem with setting the alarm at 3:00 am.