Slow living is the Scandinavian living trend. But where do you start and which colors and materials go with that beautiful, serene style? Vtwonen provides four ideas for balancing yourself and your home.

Basic colors

A slow living lifestyle is all about more attention and less rushing. Live slower, so that there is more peace in your head. Translated into an interior, it is a mix of Scandinavian, cozy, serene and natural. Starting with a calm color palette, in natural tones with terra and dark gray, for the earthy feel. It is better to avoid bright colors. In addition to natural tones, natural materials in basic colors, in addition to round, soft shapes, completely balance you and your home.


Small details should not be missing in a slow living interior. A collection of beautiful things ensures that you can look at the same room for a long time. Think of a minimalist plant holder, gold mirror, pottery and ceramics. Group your things, put them together per theme. This ensures peace and prevents a messy effect.

Big cleaning

Do a major cleaning so that the house is completely fresh again. Tidying up creates peace in both head and home. Hide practical items behind doors, in a cupboard or in baskets. Beautiful things, on the other hand, may be seen. Show books and precious photos in a nice wall rack. In a steel cabinet with glass doors you can store all your pottery and ceramics, wine glasses and cookbooks.


Plants provide a restful home. For example, the scent of aloe vera has a calming effect. It also removes chemicals from the air and releases oxygen at night. Fine for a healthy night's sleep. The curly fern and jasmine also make you dream away. The jasmine purifies the air and spreads a wonderful, soothing fragrance. Not surprising that the plant is also called 'queen of the night', because you can sleep well through it.