A rare western lowland gorilla was born in Safaripark Beekse Bergen on Wednesday. The animal is threatened with extinction in the wild.

The sex is not yet known, because the young could not yet be viewed closely by the caretakers. The monkey born on Wednesday is the first cub for mother Tuena.

Safari park Beekse Bergen informs NU.nl that visitors can already see the newborn animal. "The indoor enclosure is clearly visible, where the mother is now also pontifically in front of the glass. She can decide whether she shows the young to the public," said a spokesman.

For Safaripark Beekse Bergen it is the second time that a western lowland gorilla is born. The animal was born around 8:30 am. "Just like in nature, the little one in the group came into the world," says head of animal care Kris Jansen.

With the arrival of the young, the safari park now has a total of six gorillas.

Mother Tuena with her newborn cub. (Photo: Beekse Bergen Safari Park)

Breeding program for the endangered monkey species

Safari park Beekse Bergen participates in a breeding program of which a total of four hundred western lowland gorilla are part.

The lowland gorilla is mainly found in Central Africa, but is threatened there by climate change, deforestation and poaching.

There was more cause for joy in the zoo this week: a red panda and an okapi were born.