Kate Winslet, 44, is one of the actors to be honored at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival , according to Deadline . She receives the prize, which the actress receives for her oeuvre, during a virtual ceremony on September 15.

Ammonite , in which Winslet plays one of the main roles, will be screened during the annual film festival, which this time is experiencing a virtual edition due to the corona virus.

"Kate's brilliant and penetrating appearance on the silver screen continues to captivate and inspire audiences and fellow actors," said Joana Vincente, one of the directors of the Toronto Film Festival.

"From her first roles in Heavenly Creatures, Sense and Sensibility and Titanic to Revolutionary Road, The Reader and Steve Jobs , her acting is powerful and she makes bold choices in her roles."

Winslet's role in Ammonite, in which she plays paleontologist Mary Anning, is also praised by Vincente. "It confirms once again that she is one of the best and most respected actresses of her generation."

Winslet was nominated for an Oscar five times and won it once, for her role in the drama The Reader. It often happens that a winner of the oeuvre prize receives an Oscar for his or her work a few months later. For example, Joaquin Phoenix received the award in 2019, to subsequently win the Oscar for best actor for his role in Joker.