At present, the anti-flood rescue task has entered a critical period. Since the Armed Police Jiangxi Corps has undertaken the anti-flood rescue task, officers and soldiers have been holding on to the embankment for many days and nights. Recently, the Armed Police Jiangxi Corps Hospital coordinated experts from the Jiangxi Provincial Dermatology Hospital to form a patrol medical team. The soldiers went to Jiujiang, Shangrao and other places to provide urgently needed dermatology medicine and expert medical services for the frontline soldiers.

  At the temporary campsite of the anti-flood officers and soldiers of the Armed Police Jiangxi Corps, the arrival of medical experts was warmly welcomed by the anti-flood officers and soldiers. Yang Zihong, a soldier of the mobile squadron of the Yingtan Detachment of the Armed Police, suffered serious neck burns due to prolonged exposure, and the medical team brought him professional treatment drugs. Because of the urgent task of anti-flood, Yang Zihong simply continued to deal with wounds and continued to be involved in rescue and disaster relief tasks. (Editor Yang Jian Fu Mingzhong Liu Yulong Zhou Xingyu Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]