Actor Han Hye-jin recalled her dating relationship with her husband Ki Sung-yong when she was 8 years old.

Han Hye-jin, who appeared as a life sister on the olive channel'Babble You 2'that aired on the 16th, said about her marriage with Ki Sung-yong, who gathered the topic. "I said.

Episodes of dating were also released. Han Hye-jin said, "I was so afraid that Mr. Ki Sung-yong was too excited to find a secret relationship." At the time, Ki Sung-Yong carved HJ on his soccer shoes, and there was a passion.

He said that it was his second sister who first learned of a secret relationship. Hyejin Han said, "I'm going to see a friend," but I went out of the house, and my sister looked down from the window on the 7th floor.

Han Hye-jin said about Ki Sung-yong, "Since I was familiar with my sister, I also had a lot of love counseling. At that time, Ki Sung-yong went on a blind date with a 4-year-old senior and asked'Is he too old?' Said.

One of the two became a couple of the seventh year of marriage. Han Hye-jin said, "My husband Ki Sung-yong misses Korean chicken too much. It's been about 4 months since I haven't seen it. Actually, my husband in Spain is serious about corona. Left behind. 

(Reporter Ji-hye Kim, SBS funE)