The full score of the half-language composition of the college entrance examination has appeared

▲ Yesterday, at the 2020 college entrance examination mathematics examination site at Tsinghua University, the examination teachers were working hard. Reporter An Xudong

  Our reporter Liu Mian

  At 15 o'clock yesterday, nearly 350,000 copies of the college entrance examination were over half of the review, and the language paper has appeared in full composition. The reporter saw at the scene of the college entrance examination assessment paper that the teachers of the assessment paper sat at intervals, and they wore masks throughout the assessment. This year, first-line middle school teachers accounted for about 50% of the total assessment teachers. The online examination papers of the college entrance examination still continue the "back-to-back" double assessment or even multiple assessment mode. Li Hongjiang, deputy dean of the Beijing Education Examinations Institute, said that the examination papers for the college entrance examination under the epidemic prevention should be "zero slack in thinking and zero errors in work" to ensure foolproofness.

Chinese test questions were praised by the assessment group

  Question 17 of the Chinese language examination paper of the college entrance examination was named by the evaluation team.

  Zhang Hui, the team leader of the Beijing College Entrance Examination Language Expert Group, said that this test question about "The Dream of Red Mansions" has a small number of points, but it is very enlightening. "The most important thing is that the topic inspires students not only to read the great classics of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, but also to read the great classics completely. Emphasizing this point when using the Internet and WeChat frequently, it is extremely pertinent and targeted." Zhang Hui said.

  The teacher who commented on the paper said that this year's essay for the college entrance examination still examined the essays and narratives. The former focuses on rational thinking and the latter focuses on perceptual experience. Suitable for different types of candidates, it not only completes the effective test of the candidates' key competence, but also allows the candidates to express their unique thinking on specific issues in various language skills and care for the humanities in the life world. Zhang Hui said that there were 306 Chinese language reviewers this year, including 215 middle school teachers from various districts in Beijing. Since the composition score is high, the scoring process is very cautious. "11 groups participated in the knowledge questionnaire, 12 groups participated in the composition questionnaire, and 3 groups included micro writing." Zhang Hui said.

  At present, the Chinese composition of the college entrance examination has a perfect composition. Zhang Hui introduced that some candidates cleverly linked the "Skynet" composed of each star to serve all mankind with each different individual on the land of China to write a grand Chinese story. The best composition in the candidate's composition, All reflect the characteristics of high intention and deep understanding. The composition of these compositions is reasonable, the language is fluent and expressive, and they are the best in this exam.

  Math questions have full marks

  "This year's candidates are not easy. The college entrance examination was postponed due to the epidemic situation, and it is also the first year of the new college entrance examination. We will be more cautious about each score of each exam paper." The mathematics assessment quality expert group introduced that there are about 240 mathematics subjects There are 130 teachers from Tsinghua University, and the rest of them are teachers and researchers from various districts and the backbone of frontline teachers. In addition to the 40-point multiple-choice questions in the mathematics subject, the other 110-point questions are all reviewed in the mathematics assessment.

  This year, the time for the assessment of mathematics assessment points has been increased to ensure that all assessment teachers have fully mastered the scoring rules before the official assessment will start on July 12. As of now, the assessment work is nearing completion and is being reviewed.

  Yu Xiaoxiao, Director of the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University, said that the assessment process should achieve "three unifications", that is, the assessment teacher, group leader, question leader, and quality group members have the same standards; the same assessment group has different teachers' standards; the standards are consistent from beginning to end. . In addition to the final comprehensive spot check, spot checks will also be carried out in a timely and dynamic manner during the assessment process, such as exam papers with a score of 0 or full marks, exam papers with too high or low scores, and exam papers with large double scores. Random checks and reviews are required.

  The Mathematics Assessment Quality Expert Group introduced that this year mathematics will no longer be divided into liberal arts and sciences. Overall, the mathematics test questions are "easy to get started, wide in caliber, slow in depth, and difficult to export." Can make candidates with a science major tend to have a sense of accomplishment, the overall difficulty is basically the same as in previous years. The overall answer of the candidates is good. At present, each question of mathematics has a full score, but the assessment is still in the review stage, and it has not been completely completed.

  Only when the body temperature is normal can you enter the site for review

  This year's college entrance examination assessment papers, the city organized 1,290 teachers to evaluate nearly 350,000 college entrance examination answers at 6 assessment sites in Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Beijing Second Foreign Language College, and Beijing University of Technology.

  Security personnel are responsible for inspection at the entrance of the assessment site, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter. Due to epidemic prevention and control, non-contact temperature measurement equipment was added at the entrance, only those with normal body temperature can enter. To enter the assessment point, you need to provide a valid ID, turn in your backpack, and electronic communication equipment such as a mobile phone. There are also "dual security inspection" measures at the assessment points. Not only must the security gate pass in and out, but also the staff can carry out a secondary inspection by holding a security inspection instrument.

  The staff of Tsinghua University's assessment office introduced that the assessment staff are under closed management, and it is not allowed to leave the campus during the entire assessment period. During the assessment, each teacher sits at a fixed interval and each person has a fixed seat. Before each assessment, make sure that the assessment venue opens the window for more than 30 minutes for ventilation. At the same time, the doors and windows of the assessment site will remain open and will not be completely closed.

  At the assessment site, public security personnel were on duty and patrolled on duty day and night, with no fewer than 3 personnel on duty per shift. The network connection at the assessment site is physically separated from the external network in the form of LAN to prevent virus infection and hacker intrusion. The server with the answering data information is placed in a dedicated computer room with anti-theft doors and windows. The server room and key assessment sites are equipped with video surveillance and video recording equipment. Evaluation database backup management and off-site storage.

  related news

  The college entrance examination results will be released at 12:00 on July 25

  Newspaper (Reporter Liu Mian) At 12:00 on July 25, the results of the 2020 college entrance examination will be officially released. At the same time, the minimum control score line for the admission of undergraduate batches (types) and statistics of the scores of college entrance examination scores will also be released.

  From 8:00 on July 27 to 2:00 on July 31, candidates for the unified examination will fill in the undergraduate volunteers, and candidates for the single examination will fill in the single recruitment.

  Starting from this year's college entrance examination, the mathematics examination papers of this city's college entrance examination do not distinguish between arts and sciences. Experts said that when applying for volunteers this year, because of the different examination subjects, the historical data of college admissions may be reduced in the past years, but the positioning of colleges and universities in recent years has been basically stable. Candidates can still combine rankings and scientifically refer to historical data to fill in volunteers.

News scene

  The first invited candidate principal

  Visit the assessment site

  For the first time this year, the college entrance examination assessment site invited school principals, candidates and parents to visit.

  "I am very concerned about essay writing. How can I encourage candidates to innovate better when I score?" a principal asked. "The composition score is significant, so the review is very cautious." Zhang Binfu, an expert in the Chinese language assessment group, said, "We attach great importance to innovation in composition. The full-point composition that has appeared so far not only has good language skills, but also has innovative thinking. "

  Yan Jiawen, a student affiliated to Beijing Institute of Technology, entered the mathematics assessment site as a candidate. Across the red fence, he saw more than 200 teachers seriously reviewing the screen. He said: "The scene is more spectacular and more ordered than expected."

  Dong Hongjun, principal of the experimental school affiliated to the Haidian District Teachers Training School, said after visiting the assessment site: "I feel relieved to see every test paper taken by candidates.