China News Service, Beijing, July 16 (Reporter Du Yan) This year, Beijing ushered in the first new college entrance examination. So, are the test questions difficult? How to reflect the college entrance examination of students' ability? Today, the reporter walked into the Beijing college entrance examination assessment point to understand the changes and changes in Beijing's first new college entrance examination examination.

Beijing 2020 college entrance examination assessment work began on July 9 and is expected to end on the 24th. The picture shows the mathematics assessment site located at Tsinghua University. China News Agency reporter Yang Kejia photo

Mathematics: easy to get started, wide in diameter, slow in depth, difficult to export

  This year, the number of teachers of mathematics evaluation papers is the same as that of previous years, with a total of about 240 people, 130 of whom are from Tsinghua University, and the rest are teachers and frontline teachers in various districts. Except for the 40 points of the multiple choice questions judged by the machine, the remaining 110 points are all manually reviewed.

  Starting from this year, the mathematics test paper of Beijing College Entrance Examination will not be divided into liberal arts and sciences. How difficult is the mathematics test paper for the first new college entrance examination? The Expert Group on Mathematics Assessment Quality introduced that this year is the new year of Beijing's new college entrance examination. The group of candidates has changed, and the liberal arts and mathematics are no longer distinguished, so the requirements for propositions have also changed. On the whole, this year's mathematics test questions "easy to get started, wide caliber, slow to deepen, difficult to export", will not only give candidates with a liberal arts professional tendency to gain, but also give candidates with a science professional tendency to have a sense of accomplishment, overall difficulty It is basically the same as previous years.

  In order to effectively distinguish students with different mathematics abilities, the structure of this year's college entrance examination mathematics in Beijing has been slightly adjusted. A layered assignment question has been added to the blank question section, and a poorly structured question has been added to the answer question to distinguish different candidates. The ability of mathematics, examine the comprehensive ability of candidates. Although the form is novel and focuses on the concept of examination, because Beijing has done three tests before the college entrance examination, candidates are no stranger to the new college entrance examination questions.

  The expert group said that the overall answer of the candidates was in good condition, "very good at seeing the essence through the phenomenon." At present, there are full marks for each question, but the assessment is still in the review stage, and it has not been completely completed. The scores for all questions have not been added. And, so the full score is not clear.

  How to ensure fairness in the assessment process? The mathematics assessment quality expert group introduced that, except for the 40-point multiple choice question that is judged by the machine, the remaining 110 points are all evaluated at the mathematics assessment point. In order to fully understand the candidate's answering situation and formulate more detailed scoring rules, this year, the mathematics assessment points have increased the evaluation time on the basis of previous years, and will be tested on the afternoon of July 8th, 10th afternoon, and 11th The evaluation began on the 12th.

  During the assessment process, it is necessary to ensure the scientificity, fairness, standardization, and safety of the assessment process, as well as to "unify up and down, left and right, and unify before and after". The so-called "uniformity from top to bottom" refers to the same criteria for the teachers, group leaders, question leaders, and quality group members of the assessment; "uniformity from left to right" refers to the same standards of different teachers in the same assessment group;

  The expert group pointed out that the mathematics assessment papers of the college entrance examination adhere to the consistently high standards and strict requirements. In addition to the final comprehensive spot checks, spot checks will also be carried out in a timely and dynamic manner during the assessment process, such as a test paper with 0 points or full marks for each question. For the test paper with too high or too low score, the test paper with big difference in double score, etc., the team leader, the team leader, and the expert group must all be reviewed 100%.

Beijing 2020 college entrance examination assessment work began on July 9 and is expected to end on the 24th. The picture shows the mathematics assessment site located at Tsinghua University. China News Agency reporter Yang Kejia photo

Language: Adhere to the comprehensive examination has appeared full composition

  The person in charge of the Chinese language assessment site at Peking University introduced that the Chinese test paper has appeared in full composition, but it still needs to be reviewed to determine the number of articles.

  A total of 306 language reviewers this year included 91 from 4 universities including Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, and Capital Normal University, and 215 middle school teachers from various districts. After a period of training and test evaluation, when the reviewer is correct and familiar with the operation process, keep in mind the scoring rules, understand the scoring criteria, and pass the test assessment and assessment by the team leader and team leader before the positive evaluation can begin.

  During the assessment process, a strict assessment quality monitoring program is arranged to check, review, and correct the assessment quality of the assessors throughout the entire process, and to supervise and correct the phenomenon of inconsistency and leniency that may occur in the assessment work of the assessment teachers. All team members, team leaders, and team leaders are required to do their due diligence. The team leader will use a variety of inspection methods to monitor the quality of the question assessment papers, issue test papers for verification from time to time, regularly check the self-assessment papers quantitatively, and check three assessment papers one by one.

  What are the characteristics of the Chinese test paper of the new college entrance examination? The person in charge said that the 2020 Beijing Chinese Language Test for College Entrance Examination, on the one hand, insists on a comprehensive examination of language ability; on the other hand, it focuses on improving students' overall cultural literacy.

  In terms of language proficiency, we will continue to comprehensively examine the language proficiency of candidates in the context of the discipline. While attaching importance to the foundation of Chinese as always, highlight the examination of understanding ability and thinking level. Reflect the attention and guidance of learning methods, continue to encourage creative reading and expression. Actively innovate in the openness and contextualization of test questions, and strive to provide ideas for the reform of high school Chinese teaching.

  In terms of improving the overall cultural literacy, it emphasizes the inspection of students' ability to read classics and explain classics, so as to implement the fundamental task of Lide Shuren and promote the correct values. Through the text and test questions, highlight the guidance and stimulation of cultural self-confidence and home country feelings, and deepen the candidates' understanding and love of the motherland's culture. At the same time, it also focuses on cultivating students' ability to care about current affairs, to care about the meaningful little things around them, and to learn to express correctly and vividly.

  How to ensure the fairness and balance of the review during the composition of the two styles of discussion and narration? The person in charge said that this year's great composition of the college entrance examination still examines two styles familiar to Beijing candidates: the dissertation focuses on rational thinking, and the narrative focuses on the perceptual experience. It is suitable for different types of candidates. Allow candidates to express their unique thinking on specific issues in various language skills, and care for the humanities in the life world.

  The person in charge emphasized that the evaluation of the composition is particularly cautious, and it is completed according to the standard. It not only values ​​the test of basic language ability, but also focuses on the innovation of students. The two genres pay attention to their own characteristics and give appropriate scores on the basis of examining their language ability. (Finish)