Ms. Haneko Takayama and Ms. Haruka Tono for the Akutagawa Award and Ms. Shu Hoshi for the Naoki Award July 15 16:50

The 163rd Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize selection meeting was held on the 15th, and the Akutagawa Prize was selected from two works, "Horiko Shuri's horse" by Haneko Takayama and "Disruption" by Haruka Tono. In addition, the Naoki Prize was chosen by Shusei Ebisu's "Boys and Dogs".

The 163rd Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize Selection Meeting was held in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 15th.

Hanako Takayama, who has been awarded the Akutagawa Prize, is 45 years old born in Toyama City. After graduating from Tama Art University, while working for a company, he began to write novels in earnest in his mid-30s. Ten years ago (2010), the short story "Udon Fox with Tune" was selected as a Honorable Mention for the Sogen SF Short Film Award. Debuted

The Akutagawa Prize was awarded as the third candidate.

The award-winning "Shuri no Ma" is the main character of a woman who has entered and left a small museum in Okinawa since she was a junior high school student. Interact with the lonely people in the distance who got acquainted with the history of Okinawa and the feelings of women trying to confront the folk customs at the work of the mysterious call center, and the encounter with a native horse straying on a typhoon night. And so on, I draw with impressive episodes.

Haruka Tono, who was also selected for the Akutagawa Award, is 28 years old from Kanagawa prefecture and lives in Tokyo. After graduating from Keio University, he debuted last year with the Bungei Award for "improvement", and his style of drawing the loneliness of modern people in a cold style is highly regarded.

This time, the Akutagawa Prize was awarded for the first time.

The award-winning "Castle" is a male student who is a 4th year university student who studies the civil service exam while teaching the rugby club of his alma mater. Always try to be good and judge others according to the norm that he thinks right, while the inner harassment of the protagonist, who is faithful to his own desires, is exposed to the relationship with a woman and becomes a “catastrophe”. It is drawn in a cold and light brush stroke.

On the other hand, the Naoki Prize was chosen by Shusei Ebisu for "Boys and Dogs".

Mr. Ken is a 55-year-old from Hokkaido, who became a writer after working for a publishing company after working as a freelance writer, and tricked humans who deal with wrongdoing and crimes, including his debut work "Nightless Castle" in 1996. We have announced a number of topical works, focusing on works with the theme of Aiya and betrayal.

This is the seventh time for the Naoki Prize, and 23 years have passed since he first became a candidate at "Fuyajo".

The award-winning "Shonen and Dog" is a series of short stories consisting of six works featuring the same dog who lost its owner after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The life of the people who brought this dog home and the interaction between the dog and the person in a language that is not understood are carefully drawn, and the title work recorded at the end reveals the mystery of this dog's behavior ..

At the interview held before the selection meeting, Ken, who currently lives with two dogs, said, “For me, dogs are an irreplaceable family and give free love. I wanted to draw the spiritual connection between humans and dogs while contrasting the purity of dogs."