China News Service Bayannur, July 15 (Reporter Zhang Linhu and Chen Feng) "At present, the camel has returned home, and I want to support it in my hometown until it grows old." On the 15th, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region won the flag Qi Sumu (Sumu is equivalent to a township) herder Naren said.

  In the past few days, Ulat Houqi peaked across the fence, crossed the highway, and walked for more than 100 kilometers. The camel that came home only touched the hearts of many people. Despite the bruises on his body, the camel always moved towards the home, and its story also touched the entire Urat grassland.

The picture shows Naren looking at the scarred camel very distressed. Hustle

  "The camel is really a spiritual animal, and has walked more than 100 kilometers from such a far place." "I'm so moved, this is the real desert camel."...After seeing the video of the camel returning home, many netizens left Commented.

  Naren told reporters that the old camel was sold by their Qiqimu from Ulathouqi to Ugaimu of the flag. Unacceptable to water and soil, and missing his hometown, on June 27, the camel set foot on his way home.

  "In mid-October last year, I sold this docile camel to a friend who wanted to breed a camel. Because my friend had no experience in raising camels, docile camels are better. They raised the camels in Ugai in winter and arrived in spring. Put it in the mountains again, and the next day after the camel's hair was cut, the camel ran away," said the camel owner Temur.

  It is understood that after the camel "run away from home", he headed all the way to his home. When it reached the vicinity of a herdsman's house at the foot of Bayin Wendul Mountain, the kind and simple herdsmen provided it with grain and grass, cleared the wounds, and temporarily raised it in their own camel herd.

The picture shows Naren and Temur wearing Hada for the camel home. Hustle

  Soon, the buyer who found the lost camel rushed to the local area after hearing the news and pulled the camel back.

  On this 100-kilometer "home" journey, many passers-by took pictures of this lonely and bruised camel. These photos were also seen by the Naren family. They saw their camel go home alone and were scarred. , Distressed, so they contacted the buyer and decided to exchange the old camel from him.

  "When we heard the news, we wanted to bring the camel back, but the buyer had already brought the camel back to Uge Sumu, so we contacted the buyer and replaced the aged camel with a 3-year-old female camel. "Temur told reporters that when he pulled the camel back, he found that there were many wounds left on the camel because of crossing the fence. It looked very distressing.

The picture shows the Temurs and the camels coming home. Hustle

  It is understood that the Mongolian people regard camels as one of the "five animals" that symbolize the source of life. Especially in the eyes of Mongolian herders, camels are not only vehicles in the desert, but also children of grasslands.

  According to Dug Gilzab, president of the Alxa Bactrian Camel Association, camels have a hometown concept and are very capable of recognizing directions.

  "We have put it back in the camel group for support after we pulled it, and now it is free for the rest of its life, and will not move it again, because this sacred female camel has brought Fulu to our camel group." Naren said . (Finish)