Good news sometimes disappears at That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of today.

Travel advice Malta and Norway relaxed

Dutch travel advice for Malta and Norway was relaxed on Friday. These countries no longer have an orange travel advice (only necessary travel), but yellow (note: safety risks). This means that tourists can also return to Malta and Norway. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs does emphasize that travelers should be vigilant because the situation can change.

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Female directors are increasingly finding their way to the top at AEX companies

The number of female directors and supervisory directors at listed companies increased sharply this year, investors' association Eumedion reports on Wednesday. For the first time, more female (35) than male (32) supervisory directors were appointed at AEX companies. At least 30 percent of all companies listed on the AEX in the supervisory boards are now women.

The increase in the number of female Commissioners is probably related to new legislation. In 2021 there will be a quota that states that at least a third of the supervisory directors must be women.

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British politician's cat disrupts online meeting

A special guest turned up on Tuesday during a meeting between British MPs.


British politician's cat disrupts online meeting

Man sows marriage proposal in corn field near Belgisch Achel

VRT NWS writes that Joost Roothans from Valkenswaard has asked Anneke to marry him in a very original way . A photo of a corn field near Achel in Belgium surfaced on the Internet, with a proposal: "Anneke, will you marry me?" Radio 2 Limburg went looking for this Anneke and ended up with the Dutchman

"In April I started sowing or not sowing the corn," said Roothans, the prospective husband on the channel. When the message was visible, he and Anneke got on a plane. "When Anneke saw the message, she immediately said yes!"

Five Utrecht scientists receive 125,000 euros for corona research

Five Utrecht scientists who carry out corona-related projects jointly receive around 125,000 euros in funding from the ZonMw funding organization.

The scientists who have received grants include research into family and relationship problems during the corona crisis, into making local corona policy and how COVID-19 is experienced and documented.

US does not send international students with online lessons only

International students who only attend virtual lectures after the summer do not have to leave the United States. US President Donald Trump's cabinet has attempted to deport the students.

Last week, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that foreign students would be required to leave the US if their school offers only virtual classes for the semester due to the COVID-19 virus.