Born in 1947, the Belgian JJ Lionel, whose real name is Jean-Jacques Blairon, died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. He became famous with his popular song released in 1981.

Who has never waddled on "The Dance of the Ducks"? The Belgian interpreter of this tube from the 1980s, of which there are more than twenty versions, died on Wednesday. This was announced on Wednesday by the undertakers of Comines-Warneton.

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JJ Lionel (or JiJi Lionel), whose real name is Jean-Jacques Blairon, died overnight at his home and must be buried by the end of the week, according to the undertakers of this locality where the singer lived born in 1947. He poses with a yellow plastic duck on the announcement posted on Facebook by the company.

No fortune thanks to this tube

According to the Belgian daily L'Avenir , which revealed the information, some 3.5 million 45 rpm of this tune was sold in the wake of the song's release in 1981. The song was written by Belgian lyricist Éric Genty, and "being neither the author nor the composer, the tube never made JJ Lionel a wealthy man", underlines the daily. This essential dance of wedding meals quickly crossed borders, from the United States (Chicken dance, Birdie Song in the United Kingdom) to Russia via Israel, Estonia or the Netherlands.