The British Noël Martin died 24 years after an attack by neo-Nazis in Mahlow, Brandenburg, in his hometown of Birmingham in Great Britain. Martin was 60 years old. The Briton, who had been paraplegic since the incident, died in a hospital on Tuesday, confirmed the managing director of the Great Orphanage Foundation in Potsdam, Elke Krüger.

The former contractor was attacked in June 1996 in the municipality of Blankenfelde-Mahlow (Teltow-Fläming) together with work colleagues by right-wing radicals. Martin then tried to escape with his car, but was persecuted, as the rbb reported. When the perpetrators threw a stone on the windshield of his car, the then 36-year-old came off the road and crashed into a tree. Since then Martin had been paraplegic from the neck down and had to sit in a wheelchair.

"I don't understand how two boys hate so much that they kill or hurt people - because they didn't know me and I didn't know them," he said last summer, according to the report.

The two perpetrators were later sentenced to several years in prison. On Martin's initiative and with funds from the state government, the Noël and Jacqueline Martin Fund was founded in 2003, which was converted into a foundation in 2008. It is located at the Great Orphanage Foundation in Potsdam.