A dangerous social phenomenon that is spreading among American youth, namely, the "Covid Party" that has spread widely today in American society and has become behind the most common cause of Coronavirus infection, not only among young people, but among older groups, after they cause The spread of the epidemic infection is widespread and frightening, which increased the level of general anxiety and the fear of health authorities about the strange phenomenon, especially, after the announcement the day before yesterday of the death of the first victim, a thirty-American American in Texas, who was infected with Corona virus after attending the "Coffed Party" which was held in his region Organized by one of the injured persons, according to a medical official at a local hospital in the area.
 Jane Appleby, a doctor at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, said that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese "mass" death parties "is based on a meeting between groups of young people to find out if the virus is actual, and if the infection will be transmitted to others," according to a report quoted by "France" Press. " The doctor confirmed the account of one of the nurses who started the case of the injured who organized the party in the hospital, who said to her, "I think I committed foolishness. I said maybe the virus is a hoax but it is not."
Earlier this month, the US authorities had investigated the possibility of the virus in two concerts in Rockland County, Wisconsin, and another in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where the first person who succeeded in catching the virus would receive a cash prize. This turned these two regions into a real focus of the "Covid 19" epidemic, according to the American CNN and ABC networks.
In Wachtenau County, Michigan, more than 40 cases have been tracked after a home party. The "Detroit News" newspaper quoted the Ministry of Health as saying that "a significant increase in the overall cases of the region, includes the majority of people between the ages of 15 and 25," and is likely to be one of the so-called "death ceremonies" that the American authorities have not calculated.

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