And the eighth newsletter - your publication (14/7/2020) monitored the Saudi decision to punish BN Sports with a financial fine of 10 million Saudi riyals, permanently revoking its license in the Kingdom, and compelling the defendant to return all the gains it achieved as a result of the violation.

The journalist, Walid Al-Farraj, called for finding legal alternatives, so he wrote, "After this decision, there is no legal outlet for broadcasting international competitions or the England and Spain periodicals in Saudi Arabia. This opens the way for the emergence of a Saudi network and the launch of a Saudi rights area outside the rights of the Middle East, a scene that the Saudi media has been waiting for ten years." After selling Art Channels, as a viewer I look forward to the alternative in my country. "

Activist Mohammed Al-Shahrani replied to him that the subscription was cheap compared to others, and he wrote, "Subscribe to the sports package for a full year including all sporting tournaments and European leagues by 600 riyals, and you will return to us the Art of the Saudi League for the case of 1900 in the year of Unity, and then with the tax it will reach 2200 with teams The quality of the transport and the creativity we see on PN Sports. "

Fahad Al-Ghamdi demanded the return of his money that he paid for the services of "BUT Q" channels that were cramming into BN Sports channels. By art whose subscription fee was double (double).

For his part, Qatari academic Majid Al Ansari commented on the Saudi ruling by responding to the decision of the International Court. He wrote, "A decision of the Court of Justice will be issued against them, and they will scream to cancel the license of BN Sports."

For his part, Muhammad Al-Buainain described the Saudi decision on the law of the jungle, saying, "Qatar triumphs over them with the force of international law at the International Court of Justice, and they have the power of jungle law.

Activist Fahd Al-Shahrani sees the Saudi decision as an attempt to distract the people from the law of the court of justice, tweeting, "Unanimously, Qatar is victorious in its court in The Hague against the blockade countries, and because they occupy their people today, the BN Sports license in Saudi Arabia has been canceled."