[Explanation] As the water level of the Yangtze River continues to rise, the reporter saw on July 13 in Wuhan Hankou Jiangtan Park that the river water has spread to a 28.8-meter level hydrophilic platform. It is reported that this is the first time since the completion of the Hankou River Beach in 2002 that water has been flooded.

  [Commentary] Liu Jiajia, a senior engineer at Wuhan Urban Flood Control Survey and Design Institute, said that Jiangtan Park is fully flooded and flooded. On the one hand, it increases the cross section of the water and reduces the erosion of the river by the river. On the other hand, it can ease the upstream water level. high.

  [Same period] Liu Jiajia, Senior Engineer, Wuhan Urban Flood Control Survey and Design Institute

  Because the whole city of Wuhan is a first-grade dike, it is to ensure the dike (safety). If it exceeds this water level, then we have to take emergency and some measures to deal with it, then it is our structure that bears our ultimate load Under the circumstances, we have to take an extraordinary measure.

  [Commentary] On the morning of the 13th, the reporter saw at the gate of Sanyangmen on the Jiangtan Beach adjacent to Hankou Yanjiang Avenue that sandbags with more than 1 meter height and flood control cofferdams with impermeable cloth have been erected. Inside the embankment, the river water has submerged the first-level hydrophilic platform Guanjiang Trail; on the road originally intended for vehicles, the accumulated water has not passed the ankle.

  [Same period] Yu Zhengmao, deputy director of Wuhan Jiangtan Management Office

  In order to ensure the safety of the citizens, the city management river beach implemented closed management of the whole park at 8 a.m. on July 11th. Except for the work vehicles and personnel for flood prevention and rescue, other social vehicles and citizens are prohibited from entering the river beach scenic area. Our city's Jiangtan Office is also in accordance with the requirements of the Wuhan Jiangtan Management Office and the emergency plan for the blocking of the channel gate, in turn, the gates in the scenic area are blocked.

  [Commentary] The Wuhan Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office reported that at 8:00 on the 13th, the water level of the Hankou station in the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River had risen to 28.76 meters, exceeding the warning level of 1.46 meters. It is predicted that on July 14, the water level of the Hankou Station on the Yangtze River will reach 29 meters, becoming the third highest water level since hydrological records.

  [Same period] Yu Zhengmao, deputy director of Wuhan Jiangtan Management Office

  The current flood control situation is also very grim. We hereby also call on and hope that all citizens and tourists can support the flood control work and support the management of the river beach. Don’t cross this gate and gate. I believe that the water will soon fade away. It will also restore the facility environment of the park within the first time, and then invite all citizens to come to Jiangtan to share the beauty of the Jiangtan.

  [Explanation] In view of whether the rising water level will threaten the safety of the urban area, Liu Jiajia explained that the embankment of Jiangtan Park is designed according to the 32-meter flood control height, which can effectively guarantee the safety of the flood season.

  Zou Hao Zhang Qin Ai Hongyi Wuhan, Hubei reported

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]