• China.Li-Meng Yan, the Chinese virologist fled to the US who claims that Beijing lies about the Covid-19

Until a few hours ago, the name of Li-Meng Yan was an unknown name for most of the world, except for the FBI , WHO and the Chinese Government. Li-Meng Yan has become the virologist who has uncovered in a Fox News interview China's lies and secrets about the coronavirus .

In this interview, the epidemiologist at the University of Public Health of Hong Kong not only assures that China lied but that the country's authorities, and even the WHO , knew of the danger and lethality of the coronavirus and neither listened nor reported its discoveries until many months later. She was one of the first epidemiologists to investigate the new coronavirus, was one of the first to alert person-to-person transmission of the virus, and was one of the first to realize how deadly it could be. They listened to it, but they hid it, according to the account.

After repeatedly trying to get the Chinese government to consider his findings and receiving only threats for his findings, Li-Meng Yan decided to flee his country out of fear. "If I had stayed now I would have been disappeared or killed," she says. It was in late 2019 that he was mandated by a WHO supervisor and consultant, Dr. Leo Poon , who ordered him to conduct a secret investigation into a new SARS- like coronavirus that had emerged in China later that year. .

Yan's problems began when he warned the government of the lethality and danger of the coronavirus , long before China recognized the problem. "I know how they hid it," he assures Fox. From that moment on, he affirms that they tried to silence it by all means. Her flight occurred on April 28, a journey more typical of a crime novel than a history of scientists.

Yan decided not to hide what was happening anymore and began to uncover what China was doing. It was then that he realized that his life was in serious danger, as well as that of the people around him. After sharing with a famous Chinese blogger, Lu Deh , all his theories and research, it was he who told him that he had to flee to the United States, where he would be safe. Only by fleeing China could he reveal the truth and not be in danger.

The virologist made the decision to leave, but what seemed simple was complicated when her husband, a highly reputed scientist in China, who until now had supported all the investigations and hypotheses of his wife, discovered on Yan's mobile the call between his wife and the famous blogger . Yan begged her husband to run away with her, but her husband blamed her for everything and assured her that if she continued, "they would kill us all . "

Yan's fear outweighed her husband's warnings and she finally decided to run away without him. On April 28, she caught a flight to Los Angeles. But in the US, her nightmare was not going to end. When she landed at the airport, customs officials detained her . Yan did not know if she would end up in jail or be deported back to China.

"I had to tell them the truth," he explains to Fox News. "I told them not to return me to China, that I had come to tell them the truth about Covid-19. And, please, protect me. If they didn't, the Chinese government would kill me," he says.

The customs authorities then decided to call the FBI . Although the FBI, with whom Fox has contacted, does not confirm or deny, Yan assures that she was interrogated for hours , they seized her mobile phone as evidence and finally allowed her to continue her journey. A place that only she knows and that as a precaution she keeps hidden.

When it seemed that everything was calming down, things in China began to get complicated. Yan claims that the Chinese government went to his hometown of Quingdao , and several agents searched and destroyed his apartment. In addition, they interrogated her parents, who have asked her to return to China and leave all this.

To make matters worse, the University of Hong Kong has wanted to erase all traces of Li-Meng Yan . She has withdrawn her website attached to the university, has revoked access to the university's websites and has prohibited her from having access to her emails, despite the fact that she assures that she had approved an annual license.

" Dr. Li-Meng Yan is no longer a member of the University staff . Out of respect for our current and former employees, we do not disclose personal information about her. We appreciate her understanding," reads the statement released by the University of Hong Kong.

For its part, the Chinese embassy in the United States has assured Fox News that they do not know who Yan is and they maintain that China has heroically handled the pandemic. "We have never heard of this person," states the e-mailed statement. "The Chinese government has responded quickly and effectively to Covid-19 since its inception. All of its efforts have been clearly documented in the Fighting Covid-19 white paper: China in Actio with full transparency. The facts say it all."

The WHO has also denied any irregularities during the first days of the virus. The United Nations medical arm has recently been tested by scientists who question its official view of how the virus spreads. The WHO has also altered the coronavirus timeline on its website, and now says that it received information about the virus from WHO scientists and not from the authorities in Beijing, denying what has been said for more than six months.

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