China News Service, July 13th-On July 12, the second season of the domestically produced 3D animation "Martial Universe" produced by Fantawild Digital, jointly produced by Yuewen Group and Penguin Television, was exclusively broadcast on Tencent Video.

Animated screenshot. Reading for pictures

  "Martial Universe" was adapted from a novel by the well-known writer Tiancan Tudou and serialized in the starting point of the Chinese website. It tells the talented young man Lin Dong who accidentally got a mysterious stone rune, and then embarked on the road of cultivation and experienced all kinds of hardships. Finally grew into the story of "the strongest warrior".

  In the animation, the image of the protagonist Lin Dong was repeatedly polished in terms of style, styling, color matching, etc. The character image of the newly-launched heroine Aya Kiyotagi was decided by fans.

  In terms of scenes, the production team uses the latest Unreal Engine4 engine. The scale of the scene is 1.5 times that of the predecessor, the number of scene models is more than twice that of the predecessor, and there are as many as 2593 special effect shots.

  It is reported that starting from the first season of "Breaking the Sky" in 2017, the reading will use 3D production and maintain a regularly updated release rhythm as a series of fantasy-oriented IP adaptation animation promotion strategies. With the opening of the second season of "Martial Universe", reading anime and handing over the transcript of nine works in three years. (Finish)