Children cafeteria about 40% can not stand resume prospect new corona effect July 14, 4:05 AM

Nearly 40% of children cafeteria across the country, emergency declaration but also after it has been released not stand the prospect of resumption, it was found in a survey that NPO went.

The NPO Nationwide Children's Cafeteria Support Center, Musubie conducted a questionnaire survey on the activity status of the groups that operate children's cafes nationwide for one week until the 25th of last month, and received responses from 238 groups in 37 prefectures. It was.

An emergency situation was declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and most children's cafeterias could not provide meals for children, but it was almost a month after the declaration was released at the time of the survey,

Only 17% of the respondents said they have already resumed, and 39% said they had no plans.

The reasons are that the
venue is small and it is difficult to prevent infections, and that
the facilities such as the public hall used as the venue are still unavailable.

On the other hand, about half of the organizations distributed vegetables and retort pouches during the period when they could not be held.

Makoto Yuasa, the chairman of the NPO, said, “Because the children's cafeteria, where children can eat and interact while chatting, cannot be realized, there are many cafeterias that cannot be restarted. There is also concern about the second wave of infection. In the meantime, we would like to continue distributing foods to prevent isolated children, prevent infections, and seek ways for children to gather and interact."