Al-Bakhiti stressed in his statements for the episode (13/7/2020) of the "Beyond the News" program that Yemen is the beneficiary of the long breath battle, because it is capable of developing ballistic missiles and flying.

He also stressed that stopping the war is a common interest, and that the interest of Saudi Arabia is greater than Yemen, because Yemen no longer has much to lose, unlike Saudi Arabia.

Today, the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Yemen took the initiative to announce attacks by the Houthis again on Saudi targets, but confirmed that its anti-aircraft intercepted and destroyed Houthi weapons, but what is new is the Houthi announcement that it has ballistic missiles.

Just propaganda
On the other hand, the journalist and political analyst Youssef Diab said that the Houthis entered into an open confrontation with Saudi Arabia, and they know that these missiles are what disturbs Saudi Arabia the most. However, he considered that Houthi was overcome by "military propaganda" in order to raise the morale of its elements.

He considered that what worries Saudi Arabia is the targeting of civilian areas, in contrast to the declared military bases and aircraft locations, because Saudi military areas are the most areas that contain security protection.

For his part, the first researcher at the Al-Jazirah Center for Studies, meeting with Makki, considered that the problem of the Saudi military media lies in that he cannot draw strategic milestones to deal with such crises, because it is not logical to announce that these missiles target civilian areas and were intercepted before To reach their goals.

It is noteworthy that the Houthis announced that they targeted Saudi military bases in Jizan (the capital of Jizan), Najran and Asir, with drones and ballistic missiles not previously disclosed, they said.

The Saudi-Emirati coalition had said that its anti-aircraft had intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles and drones, launched by the Houthis at civilians and civilian facilities.