Staged "Forgetting Love" with Chen Jianbin Li Yitong: I am a person who does not like hypocrisy

  Whether it is Huang Rong in the new version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", the late charm in the "Lovers Without Borders", or Lu Wenxi in the "Her Huating Pavilion", and Sun Qingxue in the "Sword Dynasty", the character image of Li Yitong is played in costume Mostly. In the urban love drama "Don't Think About It To Love Me", the audience rarely see Li Yitong playing the role of modern drama. What's even more surprising is that she actually staged a "forgetting love" in the play with Chen Jianbin, who is 20 years old. Recently, Li Yitong was interviewed by Qilu Evening News and Qilu Yidian reporter and talked about this cooperation with senior predecessor Chen Jianbin. Li Yitong said that at first, he felt that Teacher Chen Jianbin was very silent and had a strong aura. After getting along, he realized that he was only slow. Privately very cute.

Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point Reporter Liu Yuhan

Not afraid of being said to be a "resource coffee"

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: In the play "Don't Think About It Much If You Love Me", you played Xia Keke, a clothing designer with a straightforward personality, a smart and free spirit, and met Chen Jianbin under the circumstance of yin and yang. Played billionaire Li Honghai, and had feelings of sorrow. However, no matter whether it is set outside or inside the play, you and teacher Chen Jianbin have a 20-year-old age gap. It can be said that the two are a "forgetful love". Why did you take over this role? Will the age contrast in the play be afraid that the audience will find it difficult to accept?

  Li Yitong: Neither Xia Keco nor I like hypocrisy. They are relatively straightforward people and will not express themselves around the bend. She thinks that she does the right thing or that she is very open-minded, she will not care.

  My creative habit is that if I encounter a role where the character makes me uncomfortable, I will try to adjust it in the direction that I am comfortable with.

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: Many netizens feel that the title of "Don't Think About It Too Much To Love Me" is quite "early". How do you understand this? What do you think the character Xia Keco "thinks too much"?

  Li Yitong: From the core of the whole drama, it is actually discussing the theme of "don't think too much about loving me", including age, identity, money, etc. Regarding Xia Keke's words, the only thing that reflects "think too much" is that after knowing that Li Honghai is rich, she is pondering and arguing whether or not to speak. In other places, she is a relatively simple person.

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: Xia Keke is actually a straight-hearted, kind-hearted girl, but has been misunderstood as a "money girl" in the play. What do you do if you face misunderstandings in life?

  Li Yitong: When Li Honghai misunderstood that Xia Keke was greedy for his money, Xia Keke was very calm, because she knew that she was not like this, one day you will always understand, if you don’t understand, it’s a different matter. . It's like in reality people say that I am a "resource coffee". I know if I have any resources, so you just say whatever you want.

Received "Appreciation from Straight Men" by Chen Jianbin

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: This time in the play, you and Chen Jianbin, Pan Yueming, Xu Wenguang, three powerful actors have many rival plays. The three of them can be said to be senior seniors in the film and television industry. Will there be pressure to play with them? How do you feel about cooperation? What kind of performance inspiration did you get from them?

  Li Yitong: The first scene I collaborated with Mr. Chen Jianbin was my most important scene. In that scene, I was hurt by my predecessor and sang in KTV to vent. At that time, I felt that Teacher Chen was not very talkative, and the aura was particularly sufficient, but fortunately, I was a relatively "skinny" person. I would not dare to act because of his strong aura, so I played boldly in front of him. Later, I found out that Mr. Chen is a very cute person, he is just slower and hotter. When the crew ate a casual banquet, I went to remove my makeup. Teacher Chen also said, "You are much better-looking than in the drama." He is really a very interesting person.

  Teacher Pan Yueming is a particularly elegant person who likes making tea and writing. Getting along with him will feel like we are in a fairyland. We are very comfortable working together.

  Teacher Xu Wenguang is like an old naughty boy, he is very carefree, he just talks about anything, and chatting with him is very relaxing. Teacher Xu and I had a scene in Qiaotou, which was the only crying scene in Xia Keke's play. At that time, Teacher Xu's emotions were particularly sufficient, and it was easy for me to empathize. So the phrase "actors achieve each other" makes sense.

  Qilu Evening News: Qilu One Point: You have already had many representative roles since your debut, such as Huang Rong in the new version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Wan Mei in the "Lovers Without Borders", and Lu Wen in the "Her Huating" Xi. Of the roles you have played, which one do you prefer?

  Li Yitong: I prefer Xia Keke because she is very active and sunny. The previous characters were sadistic, and I was the type that needed to enter the characters to complete the performance. If the drama is too deep, it will lead to depression in reality, and even the aura is very strange. However, the role of Xia Keco is very outgoing, including some of the actions in the play are also very free and outgoing. During that time, I also did these actions unconsciously in my own life, so when the actor and the role are combined, it is very interesting.

Love older people in love

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: In real life, what is your outlook on love? Would you mind that the other party is older than yourself?

  Li Yitong: If it is me, I will first consider the feeling, because I am not a "face control". When I was a child, I did not mind that the other person is older than me, but I prefer older people. But in the past two years, you will feel that you can be of any age. As long as you have feelings and fate, it means "don't think too much about loving me."

  Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point: In the play, Xia Keke and his father Xia Dasheng have a very interesting mode of getting along, like a friend. What is your mode of getting along with your parents? Faced with his father's opposition, Xia Keke still chose to respect his love. If in reality you encounter a conflict between love and affection, how would you choose?

  Li Yitong: I actually like Xia Keke and Xia Dasheng's funny, natural way of getting along with father and daughter, and even Xia Keke would call his father's name directly. I will not be so exaggerated with my parents, but I don't have to avoid too much in front of them, I also get along like friends.

  I am actually a child who will follow my parents' opinions, and ultimately depends on whether the person I am in love withstands the test of my parents. If this happens, people who are more willing to make intermediate adjustments do not want such intense scenes to happen and belong to "peace lovers." Of course, every time I make a decision, my parents are relatively supportive, so I haven't seen any conflicts with my parents' thoughts on emotional issues.