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'I just came by'
Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer must have looked up on Saturday evening when they discovered a very well-known person among the listeners of their mini concert: actor Woody Harrelson was present. Simon could not resist and asked the actor for a selfie, but in his enthusiasm forgot to keep 1.5 meters. #otherhalvemeter forgotten and #example function failure he adds himself.

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Donny Roelvink leaves hospital after nose surgery

Donny Roelvink had an operation on his nose. He does not tell whether it was a cosmetic or medical procedure, but via Instagram he has already been released from the hospital. At the beginning of July, Roelvink had his teeth sharpened for new teeth.

yesterday at 3:47 PM

David Beckham is overjoyed with his son's engagement

Former football player David Beckham has announced via Instagram that he is overjoyed with his son's engagement. Brooklyn Beckham announced on Saturday that he is getting married to actress Nicola Peltz. Mother Victoria previously responded to the engagement via Instagram. "We couldn't have been happier," wrote the singer.

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Singers OG3NE commemorate deceased mother

Three years after her mother died, OG3NE singer Amy Vol reminisces with an old photo. "You are such a huge part of my heart. We have missed you for so long and every time I relive today. The pain, the loss and sorrow, the fear of the future without you. A smile and a tear so painfully close together. I miss you Mommy. "

Lisa Vol also shares an old photo on Instagram. "I still learn from you," writes the singer. "Again and again I come to new insights thanks to you, this will never stop."

OG3NE took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 with the song  Lights and Shadows , which the trio sang for their deadly ill mother. Isolde Vol died two months later.

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Monica Geuze and Lars Veldwijk celebrate daughter's birthday

"Today you are already two years old and I realize how incredibly fast time goes", writes Monica Geuze on the birthday of her daughter Zara-Lizzy. "I hope you can celebrate a hundred more birthdays, but above all that I can enjoy you for a hundred more years because you are the nicest, sweetest, funniest and most handsome in the world."

Geuze's ex-boyfriend Lars Veldwijk also posts a message on Instagram to celebrate Zara-Lizzy's birthday. "Happy Bday babygirl", the footballer writes next to a series of photos with his daughter.

Saturday at 5:22 PM

Sylvie Meis celebrates bachelorette party in bridal bikini

Sylvie Meis celebrates her bachelorette party in the Hamburg area on Saturday and Sunday. Meis and her fiancé Niclas Castello were supposed to get married in June, but were forced to postpone the ceremony because of the corona crisis. The ex of footballer Rafael van der Vaart, who also wants to continue to be called as the wife of the artist Meis after the wedding, does not mention the new wedding date with the photo of himself in white bridal bikini with veil and a large inflatable engagement ring.

Saturday at 13:47

Stolen scooter Tony Junior rightly back within the day

Tony Junior made an appeal on Instagram on Friday evening because his scooter was stolen. On Saturday, the DJ's mode of transport was back thanks to one of his followers.

Saturday at 8:52 AM

Dotan points to incorrect pronunciation of his name

Dotan hears his name pronounced incorrectly. The singer, known for hits such as Home and Hungry , answers a question on Twitter about the pronunciation of his name. He explains that the emphasis is on the last part of his name: it is therefore Dotán and not Dótan. After a question from fellow musician Lucas Hamming, the singer confirms that his name has indeed been spoken incorrectly for years.

I think I can help you with that. It's Dotán. Emphasis on the a. 🖤 https://t.co/v7lPAJB1oY

AvatarAvatar Author Dotan Moment of places 13: 21 - 10 July 2020

Thursday at 6:13 PM

Renate and Winston Gerschtanowitz celebrate wedding day

Nine years ago, Renate and Winston Gerschtanowitz tied the knot. "Exactly nine years ago today, this beauty said yes to me," Gerschtanowitz writes with a photo of his wedding day. His wife also shares a photo. "My clown, husband, daddy of my children and sexy motherfucker", the presenter writes.

Thursday at 11:28 AM

Chantal Janzen's

son in hospital James, Chantal Janzen 's eleven-year-old son, has been admitted to hospital with appendicitis. "Stupid! But as James himself says," I'm sure it will be all right soon. " And so it is! Proud of our sweet brave munchkin ", the presenter writes on Instagram.

Thursday at 11:28 AM

Thursday at 08:43 AM

Miss Montreal is considering moving after a fuss about wood sticks

In the municipality of Amersfoort, where Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal) lives, people are called on to stop burning wood. The smoke from fire pits and barbecues is harmful to health and the environment. The call is a reason for the singer to consider moving, she says on Twitter. "I live detached and I can decide for myself," she says. "And so I am also called an antisocial stench terrorist. I am going to move."

I live detached and determine that myself. And so I am also called an antisocial stench terrorist. I'm moving. https://t.co/T9CfjpFMaY

AvatarAvatar Author Miss Montreal Moment of Places 08: 06 - 9 July 2020

Thursday at 6:36 AM

Trijntje Oosterhuis looks back on mother

's 75th birthday. The mother of Trijntje Oosterhuis celebrated her 75th birthday on Tuesday and the singer looks back. "We have now had beautiful children ourselves and they often prefer to be with grandma than at home," said Oosterhuis about her "musical source" at a photo of the family party, which also included musical brother Tjeerd and singing sister-in-law Edsilia Rombley.

Wednesday at 10:15 AM

Monica Geuze shares photo with new friend

For the first time Monica Geuze places a photo with her new friend Robbert. He previously appeared in her reality series Like Monica . The two met on the dating app Raya, which is only accessible to celebrities and other people who are rich and successful. Geuze previously had a relationship with footballer Lars Veldwijk, with whom she had daughter Zara Lizzy.

Wednesday at 5:43 AM

Jada Borsato shares images of parents together

Jada Borsato shared images of her parents together at the party in honor of the 75th birthday of Marco Borsato's mother Mary on Tuesday. Some media speculate that the singer misses his ex Leontine very much. In early July, media reported that the woman to whom Borsato had been married for over twenty years again identifies under her maiden name Riders.

Tuesday at 10:47 PM

Daphne Deckers proud of husband Richard Krajicek

Daphne Deckers remembered Tuesday on a striking moment in the career of her husband Richard Krajicek. The tennis player won the Wimbledon final on July 7, 1996, despite the distraction of a streaker. "Good gaze direction, always look in the eye," Deckers writes with her photo on Instagram.

Tuesday at 5:27 PM

Leontine Borsato congratulates ex-mother-in-law

Leontine Borsato may officially no longer be together with Marco Borsato, but she does not miss her ex-mother-in-law's birthday. On Instagram, she congratulates Mary Borsato on behalf of the family.

Tuesday at 5:27 PM

Tuesday at 13:42

Jess Glynne angry at restaurant after refusal due to clothing

Jess Glynne out on Instagram expressing her dissatisfaction with the Sexy Fish restaurant in London. The singer says she was rudely refused because she was wearing a sweater with a hood. She says that several employees came to look at her and her friend and then decided that she should not come for dinner. "The attitude of your staff has to change, because that was pure discrimination," writes Glynne, known for hits like Hold My Hand and Rather Be. 

However, the singer's followers do not all agree with her. They point out to her that the restaurant's site has a dress code, which states that sportswear is not allowed.

Tuesday at 13:40 PM

Dave Roelvink expects "predictable jokes" after car purchase

Dave Roelvink has a new car and expects "Predictable car jokes in 3, 2, 1 ..". In June Roelvink had an accident with a car borrowed from his friend Mo Bicep worth almost 300,000 euros.

Tuesday at 13:40 PM

Paris Hilton also wants to become president

Paris Hilton also wants to become president of the United States. After Kanye West previously reported to be a candidate, Paris posted a photo on Instagram with her dog in front of the White House, which has been made pink for the occasion. "President Paris, that sounds good," she writes. Hilton also came up with her own take on President Trump's slogan, "Make America Hot Again."

Tuesday at 13:38 PM

Waylon commemorates birthday girlfriend Bibi Breijman

Bibi Breijman celebrates her 29th birthday on Monday and Waylon commemorates this. "I am happy that I can celebrate it with you. On the other hand, every day with you looks like a birthday because every day is a gift," said the singer songwriter.

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