The deputy left chairwoman has described it as discriminatory when the police inquire into the origin of the families of suspects. Such an investigative practice is also unnecessary, said Martina Renner at ntv. Of course, juvenile offenders look at the family environment, criminal records and the situation at school. "But asking the registry offices about the parents 'or grandparents' country of origin is discriminatory and is a fatal signal in a situation where we started talking about racism in society."

At the weekend, the Stuttgart police had confirmed that they would inquire into the nationality of the parents of suspects in individual cases when investigating the riot night in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. The procedure had caused a lot of criticism. According to police, 400 to 500 people were involved or watched the riots on the night of June 21. 32 police officers were injured. In the meantime, 39 suspects have been identified.

Public interest in the riots

Baden-Württemberg's Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) defended the actions of the Stuttgart police as a matter of course in criminal proceedings. Jens Lauer, the spokesman for the Stuttgart Police Headquarters, justifies the procedure with the public interest in the riots. Questions were asked such as: Who were the perpetrators? Political attitude, gender, nationality, migration background or not? The police would see the latter fulfilled by definition for "a parent without German citizenship".

The CDU member of the Bundestag and interior expert Armin Schuster also defended the Stuttgart police. "I can see no error in the Stuttgart police action," said the Baden-Württemberg official to the editorial network in Germany. "After such excesses, sociological perpetrator analyzes are standard for the police. How else should the police develop targeted strategies and preventive measures for upcoming situations?" Said Schuster.

"The procedure is outrageous"

However, the actions of the Stuttgart police are not only criticized in the Stuttgart City Council. State data protection officer Stefan Brink considers this type of investigation to be questionable, at least. 

"This approach by the police is outrageous. In the middle of the debate about a racism problem for the police, here in Stuttgart it is shown how prejudices against persons without German citizenship are under investigation," commented the state chairman of the Pirate Party of Baden-Württemberg and General Secretary of the Pirate Party of Germany, Borys Sobieski. "And if, as stated by Mr. Lutz, the pedigrees of the suspects with a German passport are also checked, one has to ask what this can help to clarify. The times when people in Germany were judged according to their family tree are over If you don't understand that, you can no longer remain as police chief, "said Sobieski.