The melting of glacier ice on Mont Blanc has revealed artifacts hidden under the ice for decades. The owner of a restaurant on the mountain has found 1966 Indian newspapers. It reports on Indira Gandhi, who was then about to become prime minister.

The restaurant is located at an altitude of 1,350 meters near the ski resort of Chamonix.

"They are still in very good condition," explains the restaurateur to the British newspaper The Guardian . "They are now drying." The man wants to display the newspapers in his establishment.

The newspapers were almost certainly transported by an Air India Boeing that crashed in the French Alps in late January 1966. All 177 occupants were killed. The bounce is located 45 minutes from the place where the plane landed.

Earlier, box with precious stones from the device was found

The cause of the crash was never identified. In 2017, human remains that were believed to be occupants of the disaster flight were also found near the restaurant.

The most striking find from the plane was a box of rubies and other gems, worth between 130,000 and 246,000 euros. This box was found in 2013.