China News Service, Changsha, July 13 (Xiao Xiangpeng) "The "League of Legends Champions Cup" pop-up shop has created an interactive punching zone, allowing various "summoners" to experience all kinds of game play in the Champions League. , Players can learn more about the Champions League gameplay, see the Champions Cup various rewards of physical props." "League of Legends Champions League" pop-up shop activities organizing committee staff on the 13th introduced.

  Recently, Internet cafes with the theme of "League of Legends Champions Cup" successfully landed in Changsha Bright E-sports. The pop-up store is the theme activity of the offline cultural experience of the "League of Legends Champions League". The entire design is based on the theme of the "League of Legends Champions Cup". Through the use of models, text and video materials, players are presented with themed elements such as the rules of the Champions League. .

Group photo frame. Photo courtesy of the organizer

  With the advancement and development of the times, e-sports, an industry that used to be vomited as "not doing business right", has gradually entered the public's field of vision and has begun to gain social recognition. The popularity is rising, and the voice of incorporating e-sports into the Olympic sports has always existed.

  In recent years, the e-sports industry has also become a career development field for many graduates, making e-sports one of the fastest-growing emerging industries. The Ministry of Education has also included Internet marketing workers, public account bloggers, and e-sports workers in terms of the "free occupations" of the new employment statistics for college graduates.

  However, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, a number of e-sports events were cancelled or postponed. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, China's e-sports industry began to restart offline, and more efforts were made to "ride the wind and waves".

The main stage of the Champions League. Photo courtesy of the organizer

  In the Changsha Dazzling E-Sports Hall, the Champions Cup theme exhibition wall is very eye-catching. The screen at the door shows the game elements and rules of the Champions Cup. The store also has the Champions Cup theme stage, championship trophy, magic engine, black frame, etc. Many elements make the "summoner" coming to the store feel an immersive experience with the theme of the Champions Cup.

  "Changsha's "summoners" can come to Changsha's dazzling e-sports hall to experience the atmosphere of the theme of the League of Legends Champions League e-sports hall. Players can invite friends to team up and compete for the title." Staff of the event organizing committee It was stated that the organizer not only created the League of Legends magic engine device, but also the players of the "summoner" can have a Cosplay experience, team punching and interactive photography.

  In order to enhance the competition atmosphere, the organizing committee specially created the game environment in line with the game element settings, so that the "summoners" can experience the fun of the Champions Cup while immersing themselves in fierce competition. (Finish)