China News Service, July 13 (Xinhua) According to the China Consumers Association website, the China Consumers Association issued a consumer warning on the 13th that there are many anti-blue light products, and the product quality is uneven. If it is not purchased properly, it will easily bring to the eyes of the child hurt. Some experts pointed out that current anti-blue light glasses mostly have the following problems: some products have no protective effect on short-wave blue light that damages the eyes; some products are completely shielded from blue light, that is, excessive protection; because most anti-blue light lenses are colored, it will cause certain "Color cast", long-term use, but it is easy to exacerbate visual fatigue.

Data map: Primary and middle school students check their eyesight with their parents. Wei Liangshe

  The Consumers Association pointed out that the blue light of electronic products is not the culprit of myopia. According to experts, blue light only has the possibility of causing retinal damage, and this possibility is related to the blue light dose received by the retina. In other words, blue light irradiation can only cause retinal damage after reaching a sufficient time and a certain intensity. Some experts further pointed out that the main damage to the eyes caused by blue light may cause macular lesions on the fundus, but this is caused by long-term, high-intensity irradiation.

  At the same time, blue light is also beneficial to the human body. Many experts believe that blue light between 480-500 nanometers has the effect of adjusting the biological rhythm, which can help promote sleep, stabilize emotions, and enhance memory. At present, there are studies on vision protection that show that blue light or violet light can even suppress myopia.

  Qualified electronic products have filtered harmful short-wave blue light, and their blue light hazard values ​​are basically at a non-hazardous level. That is to say, the correct use of the blue light touched by mobile phones and tablets will not cause damage to the eyes. There is currently no direct evidence that blue light causes myopia. Therefore, parents need not worry too much about the so-called "blue light hazard".

  The China Consumers Association reminds that improper selection of anti-blue light glasses is harmful to the prevention of myopia. Since blue light is not the cause of myopia, the so-called "anti-blue light products" obviously lack scientific basis to prevent myopia. For some businesses, through false exaggeration of the performance of anti-blue light products, excessive interpretation of the hazards of blue light, and high-priced sales of anti-blue light products, consumers should be rational. Many experts pointed out that there is insufficient medical evidence to prove that products such as anti-blue glasses can play a significant role in preventing and controlling myopia.

  China Consumers Association pointed out that the eye protection mode of electronic products is better than the anti-blue light film. The Consumer Council of Guangdong Province conducted a comparative test in 2019 for evaluation and comparison. The results show that the eye protection mode can play a role in reducing the blue light radiation ratio of the mobile phone and tablet screen, increasing the blue light peak ratio of the screen, reducing the screen brightness and reducing the color temperature of the screen The effect is to suppress the total energy of the blue light band and the peak energy of the blue light band; most of the films with a nominal anti-blue light function can also play a role in reducing the blue light radiation ratio of the mobile phone and tablet screen, increasing the peak blue light ratio of the screen and reducing The effect of screen color temperature, but the effect is not too obvious.

  What kind of electronic products are selected to help prevent myopia? In 2019, the China Consumers Association commissioned a professional testing agency to carry out comparative tests on mobile phones, tablet computers and TV sets on the market. The results show that all 13 samples belong to the exempt category in IEC 62471: 2006, that is, there is no blue light hazard, and consumers can use it with confidence. However, after 15 minutes of primary and secondary school students' 30-minute game tasks, 5 samples made the subjects feel obvious visual fatigue; 10 samples significantly affected the performance of the user's visual perception function and generated an early warning. The test results to a certain extent indicate that children and adolescents should not watch the electronic screen for more than 30 minutes at a time. After watching for 20-30 minutes, you must take a proper rest to relieve visual fatigue and repair the damage to visual perception.

  From the evaluation results, consumers can prefer to choose OLED display and improved LCD display (TFT display) in order to protect their eyesight, and prefer large-screen electronic display products.

  The China Consumers Association reminds that the medical community has reached a basic consensus on the "culprit" that causes myopia in children and adolescents, that is, children and adolescents are mainly caused by long-term use of electronic products resulting in visual fatigue and improper posture, effectively controlling the time of eye use and maintaining Correct eye position is the main way to prevent myopia.

  The China Consumers Association reminds children, adolescents and parents not to worry too much about the harm of blue light to their eyes, not to blindly superstitiously declare the effects of myopia protection in the advertisements of anti-blue light products, but to choose appropriate electronic products. At the same time, parents should pay more attention to their children's eye hygiene, use their eyes reasonably, and protect their eyesight.