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  • Since Saturday, between 4,000 and 5,000 “teufeurs” have invested in land, south of Nevers.
  • Organized by the prefecture, a distribution of masks (almost 20,000 copies) and hydroalcoholic gel must be assured to the public.

There were always a lot of people this Monday. Since Saturday evening, between 4,000 and 5,000 “teufeurs” have taken over a meadow in Saint-Parize-le-Châtel, a small rural town of 1,300 inhabitants located south of Nevers. What to worry the prefecture of Nièvre, which assured Sunday be "particularly vigilant" regarding the application of barrier measures. So much so that a health protocol to oversee the giant rave party has been implemented.

“We obviously have in mind, apart from classic first aid in this type of event, health risk and Covid risk (…) We have set up a health protocol to ensure that the event goes as well as those which are authorized ”, indicated Sunday evening the prefect of Nièvre, Sylvie Houspic.

Masks and gel distributed

The distribution of masks (nearly 20,000 copies) and hydroalcoholic gel must be assured to the public thanks to agents from the Regional Health Agency of Burgundy Franche-Comté. They are supported in this task by volunteers from the Red Cross but also by members of the Techno + association, "responsible for preventing risks on this type of event".

A permanent communication by announcements on the health risk linked to the virus is also planned in addition to the usual prevention in alcohol and drugs. "What matters, first of all, is the repetition of the messages, the fact that we are on site and that the masks are distributed and also the massive side of the distributions which we expect it to allow to respect the basic rules to avoid a new cluster, "insisted Sylvie Houspic, adding that she was" particularly vigilant "on this point.

Gendarmerie checks

In terms of security, the gendarmerie has already carried out checks and a first aid team of firefighters from the Nièvre has been deployed on the spot, "supplemented by a dog team and a fire-fighting device" due to the drought of the site.

The precautions of the Nivernais authorities follow the emotion of internet users aroused by the holding, also on Saturday evening, of a concert in Nice which brought together up to 5,000 spectators, visibly not very concerned with barrier gestures.


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