Since yesterday (12th), heavy rains over 200mm centered on the southern regions of the country, and damage has continued throughout the region.

Most of the strong rain clouds now pass through the east, but the northern mountainous region of Gangwon is expected to have a strong rain of 20mm per hour until tomorrow morning.

Now it is raining around the central region.

The rain will continue until tomorrow morning, and some inland areas in Yeongdong and some southern areas will stop tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, up to 80mm in the Yeongdong area, up to 50mm in the central regions such as Seoul, and 30mm in the Chungbuk and South regions will fall further.

Tomorrow is usually cloudy, and I will cool down below 25 degrees during the daytime.

In the East Coast region, you need to be careful of the waves of the Nial Castle.

After the rain has stopped, it will be clear and hot for the time being.

(Nam Eugene Weather Caster)