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Her name is Li-Meng Yan and she is a Chinese specialist in virology and immunology. Until a few months ago she was one of the virologists in charge of studying the coronavirus , until her discoveries led her to have to flee from China to the United States. Now, in an exclusive interview to Fox News , Li-Meng Yan recounts the reason for his flight and reveals that the Chinese authorities lied.

This epidemiologist from the University of Public Health of Hong Kong planned her flight when she realized that she had to escape and tell everything she knew about the coronavirus and that her country was not leaving her. Yan says the Chinese government knew of the existence and danger of the new coronavirus long before officially announcing the outbreak in Wuhan . He also reports that his superiors were silent and concealed his research on Covid-19 , the findings of which could have helped save many lives.

"The reason I came to the United States is because I have to tell the truth about Covi-19," he told Fox. "If I had told my story in China, I would have ended up missing or killed," he says.

This virologist assures that she was one of the first scientists in the world to study the coronavirus. It was in late 2019 that he was mandated by a WHO supervisor and consultant , Dr. Leo Poon, who ordered him to conduct a secret investigation into a new SARS- like coronavirus that had emerged in China later that year. .

"The Chinese government refused to allow foreign experts, including those from Hong Kong, to investigate in China ... I then turned to my friends for more information," he explains. It was then that a friend, a scientist from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told Yan on the same December 31, 2019 the person-to-person transmission that featured the new coronavirus as a characteristic. Both China and WHO recognized it long after.

A few days later, on January 9, 2020 , the WHO issued a statement: "According to the Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause serious illness in some patients and is not easily transmitted between people ... There is limited information to determine the overall risk of this reported group. "

Yan's problems began when he warned the government of the lethality and danger of the coronavirus, long before China recognized the problem. "I know how they hid it," he assures Fox. From that moment on, he affirms that they tried to silence it by all means.

What this virologist denounces is that the alerts that we were facing a deadly and very dangerous virus were ignored and silenced by the Chinese authorities but also by the WHO . According to Yan , they both knew the danger long before international alerts went off.

Afterward, the person-to-person transmission number began to grow exponentially, and Yan began to search for answers. "There are many, many patients who did not receive timely treatment and diagnosis , " said Yan. "Hospital doctors were afraid to speak up," he adds. Yan reported his findings to his manager again on January 16, but it was when he allegedly told him to "stay quiet and be careful . " He also claims that the co-director of a WHO-affiliated laboratory , Professor Malik Peiris, knew this but did nothing about it.

Yan , who keeps the place in the hidden location, has caused the Hong Kon University, where he worked, to want to erase all traces of him from the map. She has removed her page from the university and has sent a statement in which she reports that the virologist is no longer part of her team. Yan claims that the government in the country of her birth is trying to destroy her reputation and accuses government goons of choreographing a cyber attack on her in hopes of keeping her quiet . For its part, the Chinese embassy in the United States told Fox News that they do not know who Yan is and they maintain that China has heroically handled the pandemic.

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