[Xiaokang China] Guizhou Women Photographers Use Cameras to Open "Colorful World" for Shanliwa

  [Commentary] A serious illness in the early years, Xiao Lin, a photographer in Fuquan City, Guizhou Province, retired from her job in advance. An unexpected rural style trip made her spend six years with the curious children in photography teaching. Through the lens, the children in the mountains use their cameras to record their lives and reap happiness. Their innocent and simple perspective photography works have also gone out of the mountains and boarded various film exhibitions... Recently, the reporter followed Xiao Lin to Pingshan Elementary School to give the children to 2020 The last photography class in the semester.

  [Commentary] Early in the morning, Xiao Lin packed up the teaching equipment and prepared to go to Fuquan Pingshan Primary School to teach the children. Affected by this year's new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Xiao Lin can only teach online through the Internet, and her photography class has not fallen. As the epidemic eased, Xiao Lin came to school and took the first and last field photography lessons for the children this semester.

  【Live sound】Class live sound

  [Commentary] Six years ago, when Xiao Lin came to Pingshan Elementary School to take pictures, the children's curiosity about photography and the desire for new things from the outside world gave Xiao Lin the idea of ​​teaching children photography. In order to be able to open up the horizons of these mountains of Riva, Xiao Lin actively contacted the local education department and school. After approval, she took a batch of photographic equipment from her friends to start a six-year photography The road to teaching.

  [Concurrent period] Xiao Lin

  In fact, I think that is what we said. Photography is a way to observe the world and express yourself. He longs for love and longs for being loved. (I feel) through his unconscious, conscious behavior, he is conveying a desire for love.

  [Same period] Shi Xiaoqian, a graduate of Pingshan Primary School in Fuquan City

  After learning photography with Aunt Xiao, I feel that there are so many beautiful things and beautiful moments around me. I can capture them with the camera. It feels very meaningful.

  [Commentary] Xiao Lin’s photography class is held once a week. Teaching is not the purpose. Let the children learn to use the camera to record daily things, feel the happiness in life, and build confidence in the future is what she really wants to bring to the children.

  [Concurrent period] Xiao Lin

  When I was teaching them, I took pictures of Tiananmen Square. A child said that this is Tiananmen Square, and we can't go there in our lifetime. I think sometimes what the children say will touch us. I think you are still young and you are young. If you study hard, everything is possible. So I want to slowly let them build self-confidence, self-confidence, and hope for the future through photography.

  [Commentary] After that lesson, Xiao Lin was determined to take the children to the outside world. After hard work, in 2016, Xiao Lin took some children who studied photography and their photography work-"The Dream of Photography of Shanliwa" to Beijing to participate in the exhibition. The photography works of mountain children's life perspectives were paid attention in the film exhibition. Let the children gain confidence.

  [Concurrent period] Xiao Lin

  After they went to Beijing, a hope in their hearts was planted in their hearts. This kind of hope is that as long as I study hard and be prepared, I will also realize my dream if I have the opportunity.

  [Commentary] When will the teaching of voluntary photography continue? Xiao Lin said that as long as the students have needs, she will stick to this podium that records beautifully through the camera and continue to teach.

  (Reported by Qian Wang from Guizhou, Guizhou)

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]