According to the flood control and drought relief headquarters in Yangxin County, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, the network's flood diversion sluice in the county was separated from the flood diversion at 17:30 on July 11.

  Net Lake is the largest lake in the Fuhe River Basin and the first flood storage area in the main stream of the lower Fuhe River. At 6 o'clock on the morning of July 11, the water level of Yangxinfu River was 23.70 meters, exceeding the highest flood level of 23.69 meters in 1998. Facing the severe flood control situation, Yangxin County Flood Control and Drought Relief Command decided to implement the network lake flood diversion gate to open the flood diversion.

  According to the forecast, after the flood diversion of Wanghu Lake, the water level of Fuhe River will be lowered, but it will still maintain high water level operation.

  Affected by the high water level of the Yangtze River and the flood discharge and lower pressure of the 2 hole sluice in Fushui, the flood control situation in Fuhe is extremely severe. Up to now, the Fuhe Yangxin Station has exceeded the guaranteed water level for 5 days, and the water levels in the Yangtze River estuary and Fuchi are above the warning level and showing an upward trend. The county has successively flooded towns such as military reclamation, Paishi, Sanxi, Fenglin, Futu, and Huangshuangkou; the Kwaisai Lake embankment and the Changtang Lake embankment of the Fuhe main stream have ruptures, and the Shicai Lake embankment in the Sanxi River Basin, The Baxiang Lake Embankment and the Upper Sifang Lake Embankment burst.

  According to the provisions of the "Yangxin County Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief", after consultation, the county's flood control index decided to upgrade the flood control emergency response from level II to level I at 8:00 on July 11. (Correspondent Xiang Nenglai Jiang Xianping reporter Zou Hao)  

Editor in charge: [Zhou Zhaojun]