In Spain, an exit restriction has been imposed for the first time since the Corona measures were relaxed in June. As of Monday, people in the city of Lleida and seven surrounding municipalities are only allowed to leave the house for work, shopping, or for urgent matters such as doctor visits the La Vanguardia newspaper , citing the regional government of Catalonia.

The area around the city of Lleida was quarantined a week ago due to the increasing number of infections. Since then, the police have checked the access roads.

La Vanguardia reported that more than 100 Covid-19 patients have been treated in hospitals in the Lleida region . Across Catalonia, 816 new coronavirus infections were registered within 24 hours, more than twice as many as the day before when 361 cases were reported.

Catalonia in northeastern Spain is one of the most densely populated regions in the country. Since last Monday, there has also been an obligation to wear a mask outdoors. According to media reports, this should also be arranged on Monday in the Balearic Islands with Mallorca and later this week in the regions of La Rioja and Navarra. Hundreds of tourists were outraged at Ballermann in Mallorca, who did not follow the precautionary measures.

Spain has become one of the worst affected countries in Europe by the corona pandemic. So far, more than 28,400 people have died. After a decline in the number of infections, there are now dozens of new foci of infection, some of them in Galicia and in the Basque Country.

Nevertheless, the first regional elections in Spain since the pandemic started took place in both regions - under strict protection rules. Some Covid-19 patients had been excluded from voting.