An early bride died suddenly during her wedding in Moscow, for an unimaginable reason, which shocked the unfortunate guests and groom. According to the Russian newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

According to the newspaper, there was a sudden death due to the sensitivity caused by the nuts that were presented to the bride and the guests during the wedding ceremony held on the occasion of the wedding.

She said that the deceased boy had been suffering from an allergy to all kinds of nuts. The girl's relatives reported this to the staff when they booked dishes to hold the wedding banquet. But it turned out, later, that plates of sweets on the tables contained nuts. 

Relatives of the bride said the victim, that before the tragedy occurred, the bride ate a few pieces of sweets, after which she began to feel suffocated.

Russian media reported that a 25-year-old bride died last night in Moscow during her wedding, after the girl was struck by a sudden model at the wedding, and the foreign doctors were unable to help her and save her life.