Lee Hyo-ri, who had caused controversy through SNS live broadcasting in a karaoke room, showed a sorry heart and showed tears.

On MBC's'What are you doing when you play?'

Lee Hyo-ri, who showed gorgeous makeup as'Linda G', hit the members with a simple face without a makeup machine. Yoo Jae-suk, who had noticed, said to Lee Hyo-ri, "My face hurts a lot." Yoo Jae-suk carefully commented on the karaoke incident of Lee Hyo-ri, saying, "Let's be careful before everyone debuts (with a glance)".

Lee Hyo-ri apologized immediately, saying, "I will be careful. I did something wrong." Then she said, "I don't want to be Linda anymore. I keep saying Linda...". Rain said, "My sister is a very strong person. But I watched it a little before recording, but the grass was dead. I grabbed my hand and said,'It's okay.'" Yoo Jae-suk also said, "Linda is a person. We are all the same human beings."

When I lowered my hand covering my face, Lee Hyo-ri was in tears. Yoo Jae-seok and Rain, embarrassed by Lee Hyo-ri's tears, healed with a tissue. Hyo-ri Lee said, "I'm afraid I'll get off. Can I ask the team to do this? Can I get another member? I think I should go to Jeju Island." Yoo Jae-suk was surprised and said, "Don't even say that. Then we both have to do it with'Duriju.'" Hyori Lee apologized repeatedly for her rash behavior, saying, "I'm sorry. I couldn't think.

Earlier, on the 1st, Lee Hyo-ri went to karaoke after drinking with Yoona, the girl's generation, who had a relationship with'Hyo-rine's B&B 2'and conducted SNS live. It was a short 2 minute broadcast, but the live broadcast of the two spread to various online communities and social media, leading to controversy. It was pointed out that it was rash to go to a karaoke room and broadcast live without a mask, as two people with great social impact seemed to refrain from going to an enclosed space because the spread of Corona 19 was not caught.

As the controversy grew, Lee Hyo-ri and Yoon-ah posted an apology on their social media. Hyo said, "that one action does not meet the City State, which must still be careful to deep reflection. Fort I did deep thought too excited. As a sister I'm sorry too Yoona and we will act in a more careful and cautious in the future. Once again, Apple "I apologized." Yoona also said, “I sincerely reflect on my anxious behavior and worry. I'm sorry. Everyone was struggling and lacked thoughts and judgments when they needed to be careful. We will try our best to act carefully in the future. I am deeply reflecting on my failure to pay attention to the medical staff and the people who are trying to 19. I am sorry to once again trouble everyone.”

Immediately after this controversy,'What do you do when you play?' Lee Hyo-ri, who participated in the filming, shed tears in the thought that Yoo Jae-suk, Rain, and staff could suffer damage because of themselves. It was a glimpse into how hard Lee Hyo-ri seemed to have struggled with this controversy. Lee Hyo-ri delivered a sincere apology with tears, and was encouraged by Yoo Jae-suk and the rain. And, as a natural'entertainer', he regained his bright appearance, and laughed at the fun of teasing the nipple dragon and'steaming' the pterosaur. 

[Photo = MBC broadcast capture]

(SBS funE reporter Sun-ae Kang)