(China Poverty Alleviation Story) Shibadong Village, Miao Village, Xiangxi: Hometown Going Back, Seeing Future

  Xinhua News Agency, Xiangxi, July 11th, Question: Shibadong Village, Miao Village, Xiangxi: Hometown Going Back, Seeing Future

  Author Fu Jingyi

  Surrounded by the mountains of Shibadong Village in the hinterland of Wuling Mountain, the Diaojiaolou of Miao Village is lined up one after another. Shi Linjiao, a 24-year-old Miao girl, dressed in exquisite Miao clothes, carrying a bamboo braided basket, skillfully broadcasts scenes such as cutting firewood, rushing to the field, or improvising a Miao song in the mountains. The sweet appearance and loud voice have become a unique scenery in the village.

  In the lens, Shi Linjiao, a post-90s entrepreneur who returned home to start a business, is presenting the Miao Village in the depths of the mountain to the outside world through new technologies such as video and live broadcast. "This is no longer a remote and remote village of poverty, but our happy home, a fertile ground for entrepreneurship full of hope and vitality."

  Shi Linjiao's hometown, Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan was once a traffic-scarred and extremely poor Miao Village in the deep mountains. In the past, young people went away from their hometowns to find their heads, leaving only the elderly and children left behind in the village. As the important concept of “precision poverty alleviation” was first proposed here in November 2013, Shibadong Village has undergone earth-shaking changes.

  The 34-kilometer journey from the county town to Shibadong Village has changed from the old mud road to cement and asphalt road. Walk along the Qingshiban Road to the village, the house is renovated, and the water, electricity, communications, banks and other facilities are all available. Shibadong Village has also formed a "tourism +" industrial system such as rural tourism, kiwifruit, labor export, and mountain spring water. The annual per capita income of the village increased from 1688 yuan in 2013 to 14,668 yuan in 2019, and more than 30 senior citizens in the village The young men successfully “get out of poverty” and “get out of the bill”.

  There is more room for development in my hometown, and young people are back. Shi Linjiao, who graduated from the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music in 2019, resolutely resigned from the stable job in the city, and together with two other returning college students, Shi Zhichun and Shi Kang, started the entrepreneurial way to help the villagers live and bring goods.

  "The short video is very hot now. We have all had relevant shooting experience before. We hope that through our efforts, we will let more people understand the changes in the eighteen holes and understand the customs of the Miao people." People shoot material or live broadcast every day during the day, discuss thematic content together at night, or find people in the village to find creative inspiration.

  On the online platform, lead netizens to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Shibadong Village, experience the Miaojia cuisine and special culture on the high mountain, and help villagers bring goods to sell special agricultural products. Today, Shi Linjiao has become a "net celebrity" with nearly 100,000 followers.

  The "Precision Poverty Alleviation" initiative, Dibaidong Village has now become a well-known tourist "punch". Shi Chunyan, who has been working abroad for many years, also made up her mind to return to the land where he raised himself in 2019 and became a tour guide for the village tourism company. "In the high season, we have to receive seven or eight waves of tourists a day, and sometimes our voice is hoarse."

  Shi Chunyan also sells specialty products at the "Mountain Collection" at the village entrance, and domestic chickens are very popular. Shi Chunyan, who no longer has to go out and spend time with his family, said: "Making money at home and seeing that my hometown is getting better every day is the dream of a happy life."

  Shi Chunyan told reporters that 90% of the people who are working outside the village are now back. Everyone is wondering how to use the village's own advantages to develop industries. "It's different from not knowing what it used to be. Now everyone is full of energy and full of confidence in coming back to develop."

  Shi Chunyan's family is more than a happy life. Shi Liujin, born in 1973, went to Southeast Asia to work for life. In 2015, he returned to his hometown to start a farmhouse, and after successfully getting rid of poverty, he formed a family with his beloved. Earlier this year, "upgrade" became a dad. "I named my son Shi Zeen, it means to understand the rewards and gratitude."

  Under "Precision Poverty Alleviation", Shibadong Village in the deep mountain has achieved a magnificent turn from the deeply impoverished Miao Village to the Xiaokang Demonstration Village, becoming a well-known "beautiful Chinese leisure village". In the words of returning college student Shi Linjiao, "Miao Village is the source of inspiration for our live broadcast and will also be the ideal place for us to fly." (Finish)