In response to the funeral, the city of Seoul said on July 11 local time that it will hold a special five-day city funeral for the late mayor Park Yuan Chun from the 10th.

  A funeral hall was established in Seoul University Hospital Funeral Hall for relatives and others to express their condolences. In recent days, a large number of South Korean politicians have waited to go here.

  Pu Yuanchun's daughter reported to the police on July 9 that his father had lost contact, and in the early morning of the 10th the police found Park Yuanchun's body. Police said there was no trace of homicide.

  The funeral committee said that holding the funeral on the 5th was due to the delay in entering the deceased time when the body was found late at night and when the overseas survivors were returned to the country, and will follow the simple and simple position of the funeral. This is the first time that the city of Seoul holds the mayor's funeral. On July 13, a funeral was held and a farewell ceremony was held.

  (Reporter Zeng Nai editor Li Jiali Video source: Seoul City Government)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]