Saitama To request a restaurant to be closed for entertainment that has not been taken measures New Corona July 11 18:01

Based on the Special Measures Law, Saitama Prefecture, based on the Special Measures Law, for restaurants with entertainment where infection prevention measures such as wearing masks and regular ventilation are not taken while the infection of the new coronavirus continues, based on the 13th day, I decided to make a leave request.

According to Saitama Prefecture, a total of four cabaret clubs and host clubs in the prefecture have been infected with the new coronavirus, and 53 people have been confirmed so far.

On the 11th, the prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting in Saitama city and decided to request a leave for restaurants that were entertaining but did not have the infection prevention measures established by industry groups nationwide. ..

Necessary measures include wearing employee masks, regular ventilation, not serving dishes on platters, and not swallowing glasses.

If the staff of the prefecture confirms on-site and instruct them to thoroughly implement measures, and if the store does not follow it, based on the Special Measures Law for Countermeasures against New Coronavirus, they will request a leave from midnight on the 13th. I am.

In addition, based on the Act on Special Measures, request that people with symptoms such as fever go out and refrain from going out, and ask citizens of the prefecture to avoid using facilities not covered by infection control measures, not only in downtown areas. I also decided.

Governor Ono of Saitama Prefecture said, “The number of infected people is increasing, and we have decided to make a stronger request. We need your cooperation to prevent the spread of infection.”