An Algerian woman named Ferial appeared on a red line program on "Al-Shorouk" channel, as she accepted her husband's "Elias" foot, which we learned from him after she had recovered from her loss.

Feryal told her story that a fiftieth lady sponsored her from an orphanage to live in her home with her son who had psychological problems, and Feryal was serving them, while the lady announced to people that she was her daughter, and when Feryal asked her to announce the truth and that she was sponsored by an orphanage, the lady began assaulting her with beatings and treatment The bad thing, forcing her to flee the house, to meet her husband Elias, who gave her his name and family name and became living with him quietly, and during the interview, Frial surprised everyone and bowed to her husband's feet and kissed her saying: he deserves more than that.