On July 11th, the Rongshui Miao Autonomous County of Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province was hit by floods, and most of the county towns were immersed in a country. The public can only travel by boat, and various types of boats such as wooden boats and rubber boats have become "highly sought-after goods." As of 15:00 on the same day, the water level of the Rongjiang Rongshui Hydrological Station was 111.79 meters, which was 5.19 meters above the warning water level (the warning water level of 106.6), and the water potential was still rising slowly.

Rescue teams such as the fire and militia drove assault boats to participate in the rescue. Wang Yizhao

A wooden boat passed by a nearly submerged car. Lin Xinshe

Road signs, traffic lights and other road administration facilities were almost flooded. Lin Xinshe

The street became a river. Wang Yizhao

Wooden boats and rubber boats waiting to ferry citizens by the flood. Wang Yizhao

Street houses in half of the city were flooded. Wang Yizhao

The two citizens paddled the wooden boat through the flood. Lin Xinshe

The roads into and out of the city have been submerged by the flood, and travel can only be by boat. Wang Yizhao

The residential buildings along the river are not under flood siege. Wang Yizhao

The city along the river is vast. Wang Yizhao

A citizen scooped the water out of the wooden boat. Wang Yizhao

The two citizens used kayak to shuttle through a few meters of water. Lin Xinshe

The militia used a charge boat to rescue the trapped people. Wang Yizhao

A citizen transported the items out of the house by boat and then transported them to a safe area by car. Wang Yizhao

Citizens travel by raft. Lin Xinshe

Citizens paddled a raft in the water. Wang Yizhao